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09.03.2006 – 10:00


AVM FRITZ!Box Upgrade

    Berlin/Hanover (ots)

    More Convenience and New Features for FRITZ!Box-     Free Firmware Upgrade-     New Functions for ADSL, VoIP, WLAN

    - WDS repeater mode for greater WLAN range     - Secure ADSL Internet sharing for external disk drives     - Internet telephony with accelerated connection set-up     - Enhanced, more ergonomical user interface

    AVM announces a free upgrade package for its FRITZ!Box products, adding numerous new functions to the popular all-around routers. Support for WDS (Wireless Distribution System), for example, increases the wireless range of WLAN models. Internet telephony is also enhanced with faster call set-up. And external disk drives connected to a FRITZ!Box can now be accessed over the Internet, with password protection. Incoming call handling is also more flexible, with configurable rules for individual callers. And the FRITZ!Box window now sports an improved look.

    WDS Repeater Mode Now with Secure Wireless Encryption

    FRITZ!Box models with WLAN can now extend the range of the wireless LAN connection thanks to the integration of WDS, the Wireless Distribution System. FRITZ!Box now gains the ability to act as a repeater for an existing WLAN network, and at the same time other WLAN repeaters now cooperate with FRITZ!Box. In repeating mode, FRITZ!Box simultaneously permits connections to other WLAN access points (such as a second FRITZ!Box), as well as to WLAN clients. In this way more remote WLAN clients, such as distant computers in office environments or large houses, can be integrated in the wireless network. In addition to the WDS standard, FRITZ!Box also acts as a repeater for secure wireless connections with WPA2 encryption.

    Message-Waiting Indication (MWI) for ISDN and Analog Telephones

    If the Internet telephony provider supports the MWI service (Message Waiting Indication), then FRITZ!Box is notified as soon as new messages, such as e-mail, faxes or voice messages, arrive in the user's mailbox. Now FRITZ!Box forwards this notice directly to ISDN extension phones. For analog phones, the message appears in the call journal.

    Faster Dialing in Internet Telephony

    The upgrade implements a novel technique which often reduces the delay that was previously unavoidable between dialing the last digit and connecting with the party called.

    Secure Internet Sharing for External Disk Drives

    With the new firmware, disk drives and memory sticks connected to the FRITZ!Box's USB host are accessible not only within the LAN or WLAN. The integrated FTP server now allows authorized users to access external storage media using FTP. Read-only access is also configurable. Because the storage media are connected directly to FRITZ!Box, computers in the LAN can be switched off.

    Enhanced, More Ergonomical FRITZ!Box Window

    The FRITZ!Box user interface now has an improved look, and its operation has been made still easier in smart new ways. The redesigned start page provides all current status information at a glance, as well as buttons to invoke the most frequently used commands. The caller journal is now clearly structured, and the event logs can be filtered to show only Internet or only WLAN events, for example. Furthermore, many items in the event log are now linked to appropriate Help pages.

    Individualized Call Handling for Specific Callers

    Incoming call handling in the new firmware permits specific rules for individual callers. Unwelcome callers can be blocked or routed to an answering machine, for example. Friends or business callers can be forwarded to a cellphone, or switched through in spite of a general do-not-disturb setting.

    Integrated Phone Book for Still Greater Convenience

    The upgrade integrates a phone book in FRITZ!Box Fon to store names and phone numbers. Each phone book entry can also be assigned a speed-dialing code. The phone book can be printed with the speed-dialing codes in a readable table; and the FRITZ!Box call journal automatically shows the caller name for registered numbers.

    TAPI and PC Telephony Support

    PC-aided telephony users can also enjoy new features: support for Windows TAPI (the Telephony Application Programming Interface) allows TAPI-compatible PC applications to dial automatically. And an additional AVM software tool will provide PC-based maintenance of the FRITZ!Box phone book, back-ups of call journals, and simplified dialing.

Contact: Urban Bastert Public Relations Office AVM GmbH Alt-Moabit 95, 10559 Berlin http://www.avm.de Fon +49 (0) 30 / 3 99 76 -214 Fax +49 (0) 30 / 3 99 76 -640 Mail u.bastert@avm.de

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