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15.03.2002 – 09:01


CeBIT 2002: AVM in Hall 13, Stand C48 - AVM Expands Leading Position in Communications Components - Debut for New ISDN, ADSL and Bluetooth Products

         * First External USB Device to Combine ISDN and ADSL     * World's Smallest Bluetooth Access Point     * FRITZ! Software Now with Dialing Blacklist and Fax-to-Mail     * Fierce Competition Expected in ADSL     * Bluetooth Technology Demo: Wireless  ADSL and IP Networking          Berlin/Hanover (ots)

At CeBIT 2002 AVM presents new products for ADSL, Bluetooth and ISDN. With these innovations the specialized Berlin company plans to expand its leading position in the telecommunications field. At the AVM press conference on opening day, Managing Director Johannes Nill introduced the new products, which include two world's firsts. The new FRITZ!Card DSL USB is the first external adapter to combine ISDN and ADSL in one device. No bigger than a mobile phone, FRITZ!Card DSL USB needs no separate power supply. Another premiere at this year's fair is the world's smallest Bluetooth access point for ISDN. The 47-gram access point BlueFRITZ! AP-ISDN simply plugs into the ISDN line - no separate wall mount or external power supply is necessary. AVM also presents innovative Bluetooth applications in two technology demonstrations. Nill gave a positive first report on the newly opened ADSL terminal equipment market, saying he expected significantly tougher competition to come.          Bluetooth on the Rise - World's Smallest Access Point          At CeBIT 2002 AVM presents the world's smallest, lightest access point for a Bluetooth wireless connection to ISDN. The 47-gram access point BlueFRITZ! AP-ISDN simply plugs into the ISDN line - no separate wall mount or external power supply is necessary.

    Under its transparent blue surface, both the ISDN technology and
the Bluetooth transceiver unit are concentrated in a minimum of
space. At 3.9 by 10.6 cm centimeters, the latest AVM product is no
bigger than a business card. Moreover, with 8 MB of RAM inside its
extremely flat housing - just 2.1 cm high - the access point has room
for future upgrades. BlueFRITZ! AP-ISDN communicates over Bluetooth
with clients such as the 12-gram, fingertip-sized BlueFRITZ! USB,
connected to a PC or notebook. The access point connects up to seven
PCs to ISDN and the Internet. This wireless connection carries all
ISDN applications - including Internet access, file transfer, PC
telefax and video conferencing - up to 100 meters. The new access
point will be available from dealers in the second half of 2002.
    AVM Anticipates Growth in ADSL Equipment - ISDN/ADSL Now Via USB
    Nill reported full success in the recent launch of the new
FRITZ!Card DSL. Right from the start, the combined ISDN/ADSL card
took up a leading position as the market for ADSL terminal equipment
products was opened. Speaking at the AVM press conference, Nill said,
"Our idea of combining ADSL and ISDN in one, and outfitting
FRITZ!Card DSL with a comprehensive software package, has met with
enthusiastic acceptance." This reception has been corroborated by
numerous victories in comparison tests, by dealers' feedback, and by
network operators' interest in the product. In the future, Nill
expects "fierce competition" in the ADSL terminal equipment market.
At the same time Nill presented a new AVM service for ADSL users. A
new web site at will provide comprehensive
information for DSL users. All important topics will be available at
a glance from one location: updates with a version history; current
tips and application examples; a direct feedback channel to the AVM
developers; and contact to AVM support. "We want to stay out in front
in the race for the customers,"  said Nill. A USB variant of
FRITZ!Card DSL is expected to help meet this objective. The new
FRITZ!Card DSL USB is the first external adapter to permit ISDN and
ADSL use in one device. Another special feature: The USB adapter uses
just one cable to connect to both the ISDN line and the ADSL
splitter. The USB variant features seductively small measurements, a
weight of just 96 grams and easy installation. The new FRITZ!Card DSL
USB will be available in the second half of the year.
    The First ADSL over Bluetooth and IP Networking over Bluetooth
    The AVM exhibit presents the first use of Bluetooth in combination
with ADSL. Complete Internet access over the fast ADSL line is
delivered to up to seven users over Bluetooth wireless technology.
The PAN profile (Personal Area Network) also makes its premiere here.
All PCs in this network communicate using TCP/IP over Bluetooth. This
means that applications such as file and printer sharing, notebook
synchronization and multi-user games are ready to run. Alongside the
two technology demonstrations, AVM presents novel application
scenarios. Thanks to the access point BlueFRITZ! AP-X, Bluetooth
connects a Palm PDA and a Sony video camera directly to ISDN.
    FRITZ! Software Now with Fax-to-Mail and Dialing Blacklist
    The forthcoming version of AVM's communications software FRITZ!
opens up a new dimension in ISDN communication. The product is now
the first in its class to offer fax-to-mail and voice-to-mail
capabilities. Version 3.03 of the FRITZ! ISDN software will allow
users to check for important incoming communications from any
Internet access. Faxes or voice messages received on the PC at home
can be automatically forwarded to any e-mail address desired, and
picked up from any Internet café. In the new version AVM also
responds to the demand for more control and security with an
integrated dialing blacklist for the PC. Furthermore, costs for
Internet access are reduced still further by FRITZ!web's new time
schedule feature for provider selection. The new version of FRITZ!
will be available free of charge to all registered customers in the
second quarter of 2002 by download from the AVM server.
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