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Greif-Velox ValvoCare with Greif-Velox smartValvoCut: Breakthrough technology delivers 100% safe and clean bagging of ultra-light and toxic powders

Greif-Velox ValvoCare with Greif-Velox smartValvoCut: Breakthrough technology delivers 100% safe and clean bagging of ultra-light and toxic powders
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Greif-Velox ValvoCare with Greif-Velox smartValvoCut: Breakthrough technology delivers 100% safe and clean bagging of ultra-light and toxic powders

(27.02.2023) Happier customers and fewer complaints with reliable processes: Greif-Velox ValvoCare prevents contamination of filled bags and pallets because the product remains in the valve overhang behind the seal, enabling guaranteed clean bagging and palletizing. To reduce unscheduled downtime, ValvoCare proactively informs the operator of upcoming worn part replacement and can even automatically reorder them.

Cleanliness and safety are paramount when bagging ultra-light materials such as carbon black, paint pigments, pesticides, or toxic powders. Greif-Velox has revolutionized the sealing process to avoid the health risks and complaints caused by contaminated bags. The brand new Greif-Velox ValvoCare with smartValvoCut delivers maximum cleanliness and employee safety with minimum operating costs. Customer complaints from contaminated pallets are proactively prevented and automatically adjusted process parameters mean lower costs for operating, spare parts, and consumables.

Greif-Velox combines all these features in the new ValvoCare station:

  1. Greif-Velox Flight Control: After the filled (but still open) bag has been moved toward the ValvoCare station, sensors ensure that the bag is positioned correctly. This creates a 100% reliable process that eliminates the manual step of changing presets, often necessary after a bag change.
  2. Greif-Velox ValvoSeal: This patented ultrasonic sealing unit is currently the strongest on the market: it seals the bag with a particularly tear-resistant multiple sealing line up to 60% stronger than any other solution available, making sealing possible even if product is on the sealing line during the process. This applies especially to the critical edges of the valve.
  3. Greif-Velox smartValvoCut: Since product residues often remain between the open end of the valve and the weld seam, the valve protrusion is removed directly after the sealing process. Subsequent contamination on bags or pallets is prevented by a blade behind the sonodrode cleanly cutting off the valve residue. A blower is then used to remove any dust residue.
  4. Greif-Velox ValvoBin: This collection bin enables an all-around clean production environment. The cut-off valve remnants, including any excess product, are sucked into the ValvoBin and can be disposed of at the end of the shift.

The Greif-Velox VeloVac system can be enhanced with the supplemental patented optical measuring system Greif-Velox ValvoDetect which checks that the bag valve is placed at the correct angle to the sealing probes to ensure proper sealing. With ValvoDetect, bags that are incorrectly processed or misplaced can be detected and sorted out before they contaminate other bags.

For consistent machine availability without unplanned downtime, the blade of the smartValvoCuts is equipped with a RFID tag and an automatic service message: the Greif-Velox smartBlade notifies users when the blade needs to be replaced or repaired. In addition, cutting process pressure and speed are evaluated to detect possible wear and optimize parameters to maximize the blade's service life. When it comes time to replace a blade, customers have the choice of either new or refurbished blades which can be ordered either from Greif-Velox or a system-initated reorder from the manufacturer based on previously defined parameters.

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