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Innovation “Greif-Velox VeloVac XL”: Safe and clean bagging of ultra-light powders in FIBCs

Innovation “Greif-Velox VeloVac XL”: Safe and clean bagging of ultra-light powders in FIBCs
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Innovation “Greif-Velox VeloVac XL”

Safe and clean bagging of ultra-light powders in FIBCs

(2022-09-28) Until now, ultra-light powders like carbon black and fumed silica have been by their nature particularly difficult to efficiently bag in FIBCs (“Big Bags”) without producing too much dust. With its VeloVac XL vacuum technology, manufacturer Greif-Velox offers a solution to this problem, delivering clean, fast, and compact bagging performance with minimal product loss along with the added benefits of better workplace safety and lower logistics costs.

Practically dust-free, the VeloVac-XL vacuum system from Greif-Velox enables clean and compact bagging of ultra-lightweight powders through innovative vacuum technology. Powders are filled in a completely sealed vacuum chamber with grain sizes of less than 200 micrometers and a bulk density of 10 to 450 grams per liter. Unlike pump packing systems, the VeloVac XL generates an atmospheric vacuum, sucking the product directly into the FIBC without spillage. Any escaping dust is automatically extracted and fed directly back into the bagging process.

Creates a safer and cleaner workplace

Workplace safety is a huge issue with ultra-light powders, and the VeloVac addresses the problem at its source by preventing particulates from entering the work environment in the first place, protecting workers are from toxic or carcinogenic dust.

This extremely low-dust, clean bagging method allows users to dramatically cut costs on labor-intensive and expensive cleaning work around the system.

Compact bags reduces storage and logistics costs

Bags are compacted by up to 400 percent using the VeloVac XL, cutting storage and logistics costs by three-quarters compared to traditional pump packing systems, freeing up space and budget for other products and projects.

Cost and time savings through larger bag quantities and speed

Using FIBCs can also minimize waste and downtime: Compared to 7.5 kg valve bags, the Greif-Velox VeloVac XL lets users fill up to 66 times larger quantities into an FIBC. Handling also becomes simpler and more efficient for end customers – larger bags are processed and emptied faster and using fewer bags overall means spending up to 30% less on packaging.

The VeloVac XL also stands out for its high performance – depending on product feed setup and properties, the system can fill four to ten FIBCs per hour in all desired bag sizes with a fill weight of up to 500 kilograms.

Flexible automation options: from manual to fully automated

The modular construction of the VeloVac XL lets customers to design a system to meet their unique requirements: various levels of automation are available to choose from. In the first manual level, the chamber is accessed via a mobile lifting platform. The highest level of automation is a full-line system that ensures fully automated handling. An operator merely has to hang up and close the FIBCs, requiring less than one-third of the FTE (full-time equivalent) for the same output quantity as compared to the manual configuration.

Driving the expansion of electromobility and renewable energies

The VeloVac XL from Greif-Velox is driving two key industries forward with cleaner bagging of ultra-light powders: electromobility and renewable energy. Carbon black is an important component of lithium-ion batteries (for electric vehicles and other energy storage applications) and fumed silica is crucial for the construction high-performance wind turbines. When handled using traditional methods, both powders are notoriously messy and pose a health hazard if inhaled. But with VeloVac XL’s clean vacuum technology, carbon black and fumed silica are much easier for renewable manufacturers to use in their operations.

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