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6 signs that it's time for a treasury management system change

Trinity, a leading high-performance, high-security treasury management system vendor, identified six signs that it's time for a change - besides the current liquidity and risk management challenges.

Frankfurt/ Main, Germany, June 2020. With so many enormous tax easing and loan programs in action due to Corona crisis, future-proof liquidity planning and cash flow forecasting is more important than ever. The Corona crisis mercilessly reveals where there is a lack of digitization in the treasury department.

There are several signs that it's time to think about a future-proof system change. The first and most obvious sign is that there is no professional treasury management system implemented at all. Excel might be a good starting point but spreadsheets lack archiving options, are prone to errors due to manual data entry and are not audit-proof.

The second sign is decreasing productivity. If you need more and more time or people getting the job done and have no time for thinking ahead - think about automatisation of tedious repeating tasks.

Third sign is lack of flexibility. Is the current treasury management flexible enough to act continuously in response to changes in the business environment? Treasurers need to stay in the loop to continuously adapting liquidity planning and cash flow forecasts. Running this loop frequently gives better orientation for strategic options.

Fourth and fith sign that it's time for a change are that the current treasury management system no longer meets user requirements or company's needs, e.g. global interest and currency management or revolving liquidity forecasts.

The sixth sign is when the incumbent treasury management system only manages certain business processes and does not deliver the complete solution. Trinity´s treasury management and financial planning system assists financial managers to observe, to orientate, to decide and to act again by automating data collection and most of every day routine work to a maximum degree. In addition, the modular system, consisting of liquidity management, risk management, financial transactions and CFO reporting, group netting, payments and trade finance as well as bank account management, increases transparency and decreases the risk taking wrong decisions.

For the next 12-18 months treasurers need to be ready for a nonlinear recovery. This crucial period lays the foundation for a longer-term competitive advantage. Treasurers need to ensure liquidity and financial resilience when business activities are quickly resumed and ramped up while demand and supply will recover fluctuating and volatile.

This is the reason why Trinity decided to help enterprises to manage their financial cashflows during the Corona crisis better: Trinity has prepared a special cloud-based Treasury Management System environment which enables setting up a multi-currency liquidity and cash forecast fast and remotely. After five days of implementation only, financial managers will profit from the advantages of the web based treasury management and planning system.

To decrease new client's investment to a minimum, Trinity will waive the licence fees for the first six months.

For more information please contact Trinity at

Trinity Management Systems GmbH

Trinity Management Systems GmbH is one of the leading software companies with a clear focus on the enterprise-wide optimization and automation of treasury processes of international companies in all sectors.

Trinity gives customers the security and safety of a high-performance, high-security treasury system for managing global liquidity and risk positions across the enterprise.

The triad "your treasury - your way - our software" underlines the company's philosophy of significantly automating treasury with excellent software, easy to use and fast to implement, and a strict focus on customer benefits. Compliance and regulatory requirements are met and documented in an audit-proof manner. Financial risks on both the foreign exchange and interest sides are identified, valued and reduced to an absolutely necessary minimum. More than 3,000 treasury experts in large enterprises as well as mid-sized companies from different industries can focus through comprehensive reporting and custom treasury dashboards on their core mission: ensuring global liquidity and risk minimization to make a noticeable contribution to added value of the treasury.

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Weitere Storys: Trinity Management Systems GmbH