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31.01.2000 – 19:00

NorCom Information Technology AG

ots Ad hoc-Service: NorCom Info.Techn. NorCom getting off to a superb start
Agreement signed with Novell Further step in internationalization

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    Munich (ots Ad hoc-Service) - NorCom Information Technology AG and Novell GmbH Germany have agreed on a strategic partnership venture. According to the letter of intent made by the German subsidiary of US network specialist Novell and NorCom, the two companies plan to integrate Novell Directory Service (NDS) in the NorCom security product NorCom Global Security. As a result, NorCom Global Security will support the NDS directory standard.

    The letter of intent provides for Novell Directory Services to be used as an additional database for NorCom Global Security. This marks a further step towards positioning NGS as a standard product in the market and tapping Novell customers as a source of new business. The joint activities and technological integration give NorCom Global Security added flexibility: placing it on an even broader basis. All NGS functions and security data can be stored in the NGS directory service or Novell NDS. The joint activities provide further proof of NDS' status as one of the world's leading directory services and an ideal basis for top security technology.

    "Novell is excited in entering into this partnership with NorCom. Novell is uniquely placed to help businesses manage the border between the Internet and their Intranet with its Net Services offerings including NDS eDirectory, the industry's leading cross-platform directory service. This partnership with NorCom will further help businesses in offering security solutions which are crucial to support e-business applications" said Ake Nylen, Director Strategic Development, Novell Europe, Middle East & Africa.

    To start off with, NGS plus NDS will be marketed in joint distribution and marketing campaigns throughout Europe. By working with NorCom, Novell will gain access to customers in the financial services sector. Conversely, NorCom will be able to penetrate the industrial and commercial sector. The combined security solution is to be launched at the end of the 1st quarter. This opens up a further market segment comprising 50 million NDS users for NorCom Global Security.

    Entry to the Italien market with Live Network Security

    NorCom has entered the Italian market. An agreement has been signed with Milan-based Live Network Security srl, whose core business focuses on security consulting and system integration. The main focus of the joint activities will be on marketing NorCom Global Security. Live will market NGS both directly and in conjunction with system partners in Italy. The sales target for 2000 is DM 1.5 million. Given its position, project experience and contacts with industrial clients, Live is the ideal partner for marketing NGS.

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