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Techem and EV Charging Specialist has·to·be gmbh agree on strategic eMobility partnership.

Techem and EV Charging Specialist has·to·be gmbh agree on strategic eMobility partnership.
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Techem and EV Charging Specialist has·to·be gmbh agree on strategic eMobility partnership.

The common goal of this long-term partnership is to minimize the real estate sector’s carbon footprint through new technologies and innovative EV charging services.

Be.ENERGISED, the cloud platform from sustainable EV charging software specialist has·to·be gmbh, meets all the necessary requirements for the management of charging stations and the presentation of EV charging services – including solutions for the real estate industry. Techem is committed to the reduction of the CO2 footprint in the properties sector and pursues a holistic approach centered on increasing energy efficiency and regeneration. Partnerships between sectors play an important role in achieving goals, and here the real estate and EV charging industries are pooling their expertise.

In the future, both companies want to work closely together on the billing and management of charging infrastructures and jointly develop solutions for wider applications. Techem will benefit from transparent collective invoices, favorable tariffs, and standardized processes in compliance with financial, legal, and statutory regulations. The has·to·be software makes all of this possible - and gives access to a steadily growing network of charge points throughout Europe. Since the end of last year, amendments to the law have made it easier for apartment owners and tenants to have charging stations for EVs set up.

"We are very pleased to have gained Techem as a strong and experienced partner from the real estate energy industry. Combined with our EV charging expertise, we see an opportunity here to work together with Techem on new and sustainable technologies to reach the upcoming European climate targets," says Martin Klässner, CEO of has·to·be gmbh, commenting on the new partnership.

Energy Efficient Regulations Driving Climate Protection in Europe

Europe has taken a decisive step in favor of climate protection. The Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD), a set of EU property guidelines revised in July 2018, is a game-changer for the property sector. Countries have introduced appropriate regulations on the basis of the EPBD, and these in turn are driving the expansion of the charging infrastructure in real estate. The eMobility sector has received a similar boost from this introduction of minimum requirements for charge points and power infrastructure. Going hand in hand with the energy-efficient guidelines is the arrival of usage-based billing on a large scale.

Hitting Europe’s Climate Goals Together

Along with the EU’s building guidelines, the growing number of private EVs as well as interest in eMobility, the pressure on the property sector to expand charging infrastructure is growing. Market barriers need to be broken down and the road to climate-neutral eMobility – by means of a decarbonized transport sector – made as smooth as possible. The focus here is not only on the faster, more efficient development of charging infrastructures across Europe, but also interoperability and transparent, open, uniform communication protocols and industry standards. The be.ENERGISED cloud software deals with exactly these requirements – its goal is to enable scalable charging infrastructure management for operators and allow eMobility service providers to offer comprehensive EV charging services.

About Techem GmbH

Techem is a leading service provider for smart and sustainable buildings. The company's services cover energy management and resource conservation, residential health, and process efficiency in real estate. Founded in 1952, the company is now active in around 20 countries with over 3,500 employees and services more than 11 million homes. Techem offers efficiency improvements along the entire value chain of heat and water in real estate. The company's products and solutions avoid around 8.7 million tons of CO2 every year. As the market leader in remote radio detection of energy consumption in homes, Techem continues to drive networking and digital processes in real estate. Modern wireless smoke detectors with remote inspection and services related to improving drinking water quality in properties round off the solution portfolio for the housing industry.

About has·to·be gmbh

has·to·be paves the way for sustainable mobility. With its comprehensive EV charging solution and innovative services, has·to·be provides everything companies require to enjoy success in the field of EV charging: from the carefree operation of Charging stations to the end-to-end management of worldwide mobility solutions.

More than 100 employees from ten nations work at the headquarters of has·to·be gmbh in the federal province of Salzburg and in its offices in Munich and Vienna. Since 2019, the Volkswagen Group has been a strong strategic partner of has·to·be.


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