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has·to·be gmbh’s European Roaming Network Reaches 200,000 Charge Points

has·to·be gmbh’s European Roaming Network Reaches 200,000 Charge Points
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Has·to·be gmbh’s European Roaming Network Reaches 200,000 Charge Points

Charging network now offers EV charging service providers access to over 90 percent of publicly accessible charge points in Europe – meaning nationwide as well as international charging for eDrivers.

200,000 appears to be an important number in the ongoing transport revolution. A study by ‘EuropeOn’ (previously known as the European Association of Electrical Contracts) suggests that a total of 200,000 jobs could be created in the eMobility sector by 2030. [1] The majority of these are expected to relate to charging infrastructure. Now the key number has come up again: At the close of 2020 there were almost 225,000 charge points accessible to the public in the EU [2] – and of these more than 200,000 were available to B2B clients on the has·to·be gmbh roaming network.

  • The number of charge points in the has·to·be gmbh roaming network has risen to over 200,000
  • This means the network provides access to 90 percent of Europe’s publicly accessible charging stations
  • Expansion of the charging infrastructure network in southern and eastern Europe is the next challenge

The EU’s climate goals and fleet carbon limits are working on the assumption that every second car will be an eCar by the year 2030. [3] In keeping with that prediction, the charging infrastructure needs to grow accordingly. Most of Europe’s charging infrastructure is currently concentrated in four countries: the Netherlands, Germany, France, and the United Kingdom. “The infrastructure available in Scandinavia, Denmark, and Switzerland is progressing well,” says has·to·be gmbh CEO Martin Klässner. “Southern and eastern Europe are more of a concern – infrastructure development in these regions is only just starting. We’re working hard to develop viable long-range eMobility for the wider market in these parts of the continent – but we’re aware that we’ve got a few years of intensive work ahead of us before we can expand our charging network to nationwide coverage. Especially in eastern European countries.”

Interoperability is key to a positive customer experience

has·to·be gmbh shares the popular opinion that interoperability within the publicly accessible infrastructure is essential to achieving a high level of customer acceptance. In the interests of its clients, it will campaign to make EV charging in Europe work across all operators – and as uncomplicated and customer-friendly as possible. The issues of interoperability, straightforward charging, and a positive customer experience are closely linked. EV charging operators should be able to guarantee that eDrivers can charge up conveniently when traveling beyond their own borders, without the need to sign up for deals with local providers. Just like they can when they travel abroad with their mobile phones.

Access to Europe’s biggest charging network with eMSP.OPERATION

Thanks to eMSP.OPERATION, has·to·be gmbh can offer EV charging providers access to 90% of the public charging stations in Europe. With over 200,000 charge points, this is currently the biggest charging network on the continent. While the customer can use all of these with a single charging card, the provider can offer them that service without needing to negotiate individual roaming contracts or get involved in complex billing processes with each charging station operator. has·to·be gmbh business clients benefit from transparent collective billing, preferential rates, and standardized processes – all compliant with financial, legal, and regulatory requirements. Not to mention a charge point network that continues to grow steadily across Europe.

“Making cross-border, long-range eMobility a reality has always been our stated goal,” adds the ambitious Klässner. “I’m proud of the 200,000 charge points in our network. Though we’re already offering access to 90% of the European charging infrastructure, I’m hoping we can outline our next milestones in the near future. These will be our springboard to ultimately having 100% of the charging infrastructure in our roaming network.”




About has·to·be gmbh

has·to·be paves the way for sustainable mobility. With its comprehensive EV charging software and innovative services, has·to·be provides everything companies require to enjoy success in the field of eMobility: from the scalable operation of EV charging infrastructure to the end-to-end management of worldwide mobility solutions.

More than 100 employees from ten nations work at the headquarters of has·to·be gmbh in the federal province of Salzburg and in its offices in Munich and Vienna. Since 2019, the Volkswagen Group has been a strong strategic partner of has·to·be.


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