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04.12.2018 – 11:48

Schultze & Braun GmbH & Co. KG

New Commentary on German Insolveny Law published by Schultze & Braun

New Commentary on German Insolveny Law published by Schultze & Braun
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New Commentary on German Insolveny Law published by Schultze & Braun

Achern (Germany) 2018-12-04. In the 20 years since the German Insolvency Code first came into force in January 1999, it has been subject to constant tinkering and significant change. To provide clarity, Schultze & Braun has published: "The Commentary on German Insolvency Law in English", which brings together all the changes and explains the provisions in a practical way.

"I am sure that this updated Second Edition of the article by article interpretation of the German Insolvency Code (InsO) will become a standard reference work," says Annerose Tashiro, Head of Cross Border Restructuring and Insolvencies at Schultze & Braun. "The Commentary is designed as a working tool for all lawyers and restructuring experts who are confronted with cross-border issues and insolvency proceedings in their daily work and who deal with German insolvency and restructuring law in English. The Commentary also offers investors and decision-makers indispensable tools to enhance their own know-how and decision-making," says Tashiro.

Recent significant changes to InsO include the Act on Further Facilitation of Corporate Restructuring (ESUG), which created new restructuring options and forms, which have since been applied regularly. In addition, there is a new group insolvency law and other changes to the rules, for example concerning the the avoidance powers.

In addition to an English translation of InsO, the Commentary provides a detailed commentary on every individual provision of the Code, as well as country reports on the legal framework of corporate restructuring in France, Italy, Poland, the United Kingdom, the USA, the Netherlands and Japan and corresponding legal statutes of these jurisdictions. The authors focus on issues of particular practical relevance and have compiled a comprehensive glossary of relevant legal terms from this particular field in these languages.

The Commentary on German Insolvency Law in English is available from the publisher C.H.Beck (ISBN 978-3-406-72238-7) at: and comprises around 1200 pages. 38 authors, all experienced lawyers of Schultze & Braun, contributed to this book. Prof. Dr. Stephan Madaus from the University of Halle/Saale has written the introduction.

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