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27.11.2018 – 17:44

Porsche Consulting GmbH

Porsche Consulting now in Silicon Valley
New office with direct access to major innovation networks

Porsche Consulting now in Silicon Valley / New office with direct access to major innovation networks
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Stuttgart / Silicon Valley (ots)

Porsche Consulting has opened a new office in Belmont, California. The most innovative IT and technology companies are their neighbors in Silicon Valley. Detlev von Platen, Member of the Porsche AG Executive Board for Sales and Marketing, emphasized the significance of the new site for the company. "We need more visionaries, more 'out of the box' thinking, especially if we want to drive innovations forward," he noted. "And what better place to enact this necessary vision than the Silicon Valley? To have the consultants directly on-site offers the best conditions for this."

Belmont is the ninth office that Porsche Consulting has opened since its inception in 1994. It is located next to Volkswagen's Electronics Research Laboratory. "Contact with colleagues from our own corporate group is just as valuable as with Silicon Valley's many other expert and courageous individuals who are working with enormous energy and matchless spirit to shape the world of the future," said Eberhard Weiblen, Chairman of the Executive Board of Porsche Consulting GmbH. He expects the Belmont office to bring together the best ideas from a wide range of fields and give Porsche Consulting clients around the world direct access to major innovation networks. New mobility, high-performance enterprise, and business transformation are Porsche Consulting's main areas of concentration.

The company established its North America presence in 2011 with a subsidiary in Atlanta. Dr. Norman Firchau is the founding President and CEO of Porsche Consulting, Inc., USA, which currently has 46 employees. "We have quickly developed a good reputation with our management consulting services here too," said Firchau. "The new office in Belmont enables us to take the next step and offer even greater proximity and expertise to clients in this large and diverse country." Clients originate primarily from the automotive, aviation, and aerospace industries, as well as the industrial and consumer goods sectors. The Belmont office is led by Doug Reinart, an experienced industry executive and consulting partner. The total number of employees at Porsche Consulting, Inc., USA is expected to reach about 60 through 2019.

Porsche Consulting GmbH is one of Germany's top ten management consultancies, and employs more than 550 people worldwide. It is a subsidiary of the Stuttgart headquartered sports-car maker Porsche AG. Porsche Consulting has offices in Stuttgart, Hamburg, Munich, Berlin, Milan, São Paulo, Shanghai, Atlanta and Belmont (Silicon Valley). Following the principle of "strategic vision, smart implementation," its experts help businesses improve their performance and the power to innovate. Its clients include large corporations and medium-sized companies from the automotive, aviation and aerospace industries, as well as the industrial goods, financial services, consumer goods, retail, and construction sectors.

Cross reference: Picture is available at AP Images 

Images available in the Porsche Newsroom (http://newsroom.porsche.de) and in the Porsche media database (http://presse.porsche.de).

A video is available at www.porsche-consulting.com


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