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C&A Europe looks towards a sustainable future with release of 2014 Corporate Responsibility Report

Düsseldorf (ots) - Today, C&A Europe published its 2014 Corporate Responsibility Report which outlines the company's current and future approach to corporate responsibility. C&A is increasing its long term commitment to ensuring that communities benefit from their interaction with C&A - a guiding principle that the company has followed for more than 170 years.

The report, which is available online at www.canda.com, highlights the role of C&A's new Global Sustainability Framework, which not only focuses considerable resources on the three pillars of Sustainable products, Sustainable supply and Sustainable lives, but also defines the company's strategic roadmap for 2020 and beyond. The additional work of the charitable C&A Foundation, which shares C&A's values and commitment, is also now aligned to this framework.

Key 2020 goals:

   - Sustainable products: C&A aims to offer durable, quality       
     products made using materials and production processes that     
     protect natural resources and are safe for people.  C&A has set 
     itself the long-term goal of procuring its entire cotton       
     collection from more sustainable production sources by 2020.

   - Sustainable supply: The company will build a responsible and    
     transparent supply network that makes a positive contribution  
     to social, economic and environmental development wherever our 
     products are sourced. By 2020, C&A has the goal of  developing 
     a supply network that achieves  zero discharge of hazardous    

   - Sustainable lives: By 2020, C&A will have engaged in open     
     dialogue with all C&A suppliers on programs that improve       
     workers' livelihoods and provide safer working conditions.      
     Other programs and partnerships will also be initiated that     
     have a positive impact on people's lives at work and in local  

"As a leading and trusted retailer, we strive to find ways to improve industry sustainability standards," commented Hans Ploos van Amstel, Co-CEO C&A Europe. "Our Corporate Responsibility Report 2014 documents the energy and investment that C&A is now devoting to accelerate progress towards a more sustainable fashion industry. The report outlines a number of initiatives that are already ongoing as well as the company's strategic roadmap for 2020 and beyond."

Progress during 2014

To advance the three pillars, C&A has significantly increased its commitment and has launched a wide number of measures, including:

   - Bio Cotton now represents over a third (38  percent) of C&A's  
     total cotton product sales. C&A has set itself the long-term   
     goal of procuring its entire cotton collection from more       
     sustainable production sources by 2020.

   - Initiatives are currently underway to support C&A's commitment  
     to the zero discharge of hazardous chemicals in its supply      
     chain by 2020.

   - Launched a Sustainable Supply Chain team that integrates the   
     sourcing and compliance teams, now operating with a shared set 
     of CSR objectives and procedures.

   - Reduced the carbon footprint of C&A Europe's direct operations  
      (stores, logistics and business travel) by almost 8 percent   
     compared to 2011.

   - Partnered with like-minded third parties, such as the Ethical  
     Trade Initiative (ETI) and the Bangladesh Accord on Fire and  
     Building Safety, to help advance safe working conditions and   
     living wages.

   - Focused on securing  productive long-term  relationships  with 
     partners that share C&A's values and commitments on a path
     toward a sustainable fashion industry. 

Ploos van Amstel emphasized that through the joint efforts of textile companies, suppliers, political authorities and NGOs, comprehensive improvements in the apparel industry can succeed. C&A is open to and welcomes progressive dialogue with all of its stakeholders.

View more details on C&A Europe's 2014 Corporate Responsibility Report at www.canda.com

About C&A Europe:

With more than 1,575 stores in 21 European countries and more than 35,000 employees, C&A Europe is one of the leading fashion retail businesses in Europe. C&A Europe welcomes and provides more than two million visitors per day with good quality fashions at affordable prices for their entire family.

C&A Europe is an enterprise of Cofra Holding AG. In addition to our European stores, C&A also has a presence in Brazil, Mexico and China.

For more information, see www.canda.com

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