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Correction to 2015/16 Annual Financial Report of Wolford AG
Vienna/Bregenz, September 23, 2016. The resolution adopted by the 28th Annual
General Meeting in respect of treasury shares was presented incorrectly on Page
98 of the Annual Financial Report published on July 15, 2016. Clarification is
required that the 88,140 treasury shares held by Wolford AG do not have to be
disposed of by September 6, 2017. Point IV. 6. of the notes to the annual
financial statements of Wolford AG has therefore been replaced as follows: 
"6. Treasury shares
Holdings of treasury shares: 88,140 shares (2014/15: 100,000 shares),
corresponding to EUR 640,78k / 1.76% of share capital (2014/15: EUR 727k /
Acquisition date and reason: 
100,000 shares (corresponding to EUR 727k / 2.0% of share capital) between
August 9, 1999 and December 30, 1999 for a stock option model. 
Within its long-term incentive program for members of its Management Board, on
January 22, 2016 Wolford AG sold a total of 11,860 zero bar bearer treasury
stock shares in Wolford AG at an equivalent value of EUR 21.08 per share
(corresponding to EUR 86.2k / 0.24% of share capital). These shares were
acquired by Ashish Sensarma, (CEO) and Axel Dreher (COO/CFO) on January 22, 2016
with a holding period running until April 30, 2018. The shares thereby disposed
of had a total value of EUR 250k. The sale and purchase of these shares were
executed over the counter." 

The company  Wolford Aktiengesellschaft is declaring the following financial
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Report Type: Yearly Report
Publication Date    : 23.09.2016
Publication Location:
Publication Date    : 23.09.2016
Publication Location:

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issuer:      Wolford Aktiengesellschaft
             Wolfordstrasse 1
             A-6900 Bregenz
phone:       +43 (0) 5574 690-1268
FAX:         +43 (0) 5574 690-1219
mail:     investor@wolford.com
WWW:         company.wolford.com
sector:      Textiles & Clothing
ISIN:        AT0000834007
indexes:     ATX Prime, ATX Global Players
stockmarkets: free trade: Frankfurt, regulated dealing: Wien, ADR: New York 
language:   English

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