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Hellmann strengthens its presence in France: New Direct Load location in Rennes

Hellmann strengthens its presence in France: New Direct Load location in Rennes
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Hellmann strengthens its presence in France: New Direct Load location in Rennes

Osnabrück/ Rennes, June 17, 2021. The global full-service provider Hellmann Worldwide Logistics is opening its first Direct Load branch in France, located in Rennes. The company is thus continuing its growth path in the French market and is expanding its product portfolio to better serve the group’s local and transnational customers.

Hellmann opened the first fully owned French branch near Paris in September 2019 following a thirty-year partnership to serve the local market. Since opening the branch, Hellmann has experienced strong growth which allowed the company to further expand its French network to Strasbourg, Marseille, Nantes and Lyon. To date, the focus has been primarily on developing the air and sea freight products as well as customs clearance, mainly serving customers in the automotive, fashion and healthcare sectors. With the new location in Rennes and the subsequent market launch of the Direct Load product, Hellmann gains additional flexibility and the ability to serve customers with an integrated cross-border service. In addition to opening further branches in France, Hellmann is also planning to expand its Direct Load network across Europe.

"The expansion in France is of great importance for Hellmann’s strategic development. By expanding our product portfolio and opening additional branches, we are strengthening our presence in one of Europe's largest markets, while at the same time laying the foundation for further transnational growth as a local player with a global presence," says Reiner Heiken, Chief Executive Officer, Hellmann Worldwide Logistics.

"With our strong team and diversified product portfolio, we want to continue our growth path in France and gain new customers with our quality and reliability," adds Jens Tarnowski, Regional CEO Europe, Hellmann Worldwide Logistics. "The current development shows that France is increasingly becoming the backbone of our European activities. In expanding our French network and product portfolio, we are serving our multinational clients while giving local French customers access to Hellmann's global network," Tarnowski adds.

"The expansion of the European Direct Load business is a central pillar of our growth strategy in the Road segment. Thus, the opening of the branch in Rennes is a very important milestone, because from here we will successively expand the segment in France and neighboring countries to make the best possible use of the market potential," says Jörg Herwig, Chief Operating Officer Road & Rail, Hellmann Worldwide Logistics.

About Hellmann
Since its foundation 150 years ago, Hellmann Worldwide Logistics has developed into one of the largest international logistics providers in the world. In 2020, the Hellmann Group achieved sales of around EUR 2.5 billion with 10,601 employees. The range of services includes classic forwarding services by truck, rail, air and sea freight, as well as a comprehensive range of CEP services, contract logistics, industry and IT solutions.

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