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The world's fastest road legal 'bicycle' for the first time in London
eROCKIT at Greentech Festival London 2022

The world's fastest road legal 'bicycle' for the first time in London / eROCKIT at Greentech Festival London 2022
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The world's fastest road legal 'bicycle' for the first time in London / eROCKIT at Greentech Festival London 2022

The eROCKIT in the middle of the world-famous Tower Bridge and as an eye-catcher in the British metropolis. Probably the most extraordinary eBike "Made in Germany" was inspiring in London.

At the Greentech Festival London, many of the international top-class guests were impressed by the incredible driving experience that the eROCKIT brings with it. Formula 1 world champion Nico Rosberg (co-founder of the Greentech Festival) was also beaming next to the bike. Already in June 2022 eROCKIT was represented with great success at the Greentech Festival Berlin. The largest sustainability festival in Europe brings together people, ideas, innovations, companies and organizations that change the world for the better. Andreas Zurwehme (CEO eROCKIT AG): "The response to our vehicle is phenomenal. Complex traffic flows, a high vehicle density and many commuters are a major challenge for London. With the eROCKIT you are also at the forefront in London. You get to your destination faster, more relaxed, in an environmentally friendly manner and with an exhilarating driving experience.”

The eROCKIT not only convinces with its extraordinary design. The eROCKIT has the so-called Human Hybrid drive and combines a bicycle, eBike and electric motorcycle all in one. When pedaling, the muscle power used is increased by a factor of 50 and enables spectacular acceleration and a top speed of around 100 km/h (62 mph). It is the only vehicle that allows you to pedal legally on the “Autobahn”. The new model "eROCKIT One" will be presented to the public soon. Deliveries begin in spring 2023.

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About the eROCKIT

As the fastest "bicycle" in the world eROCKIT causes a lot of attention and extraordinary driving pleasure. Operation is extremely simple: the human pedals like a bicycle, depending on how they ride, their muscle power is multiplied by a factor of 50+ and delights the rider with an indescribable, magical riding experience. Fun fact: With eROCKIT you can even legally “cycle” on the autobahn. The eROCKIT is a human hybrid "Made in Germany". The eROCKIT gets you from one place to another faster, is emission-free, sporty and safe on the road.


The participation opportunity of eROCKIT AG is as special as the vehicle. eROCKIT AG is registered in the commercial register of the Berlin-Charlottenburg Local Court (HRB231453 B / Germany) is a stock corporation managed under German law and offers investors the special opportunity to invest in a German e-mobility company. eROCKIT AG holds 100% of the shares in eROCKIT Systems GmbH in Hennigsdorf near Berlin. This is where the unique pedal-controlled eROCKIT electric motorcycle is built. The eROCKIT Group team consists of first-class two-wheeler and automotive experts supported by a strong management team.


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