CeBIT 2002: FRITZ! in New Version 3.03 - FRITZ! Increases ISDN Convenience and Security: AVM Software with Dialing Blacklist and Fax-to-Mail

Berlin/Hanover (ots) - The new Version 3.03 of AVM's ISDN software FRITZ! makes its debut at this year's CeBIT fair. FRITZ! now opens up new dimensions in the use of ISDN services with fax-to-mail and voice-to-mail capabilities. Convenient functions such as FRITZ!web's time schedule for Internet provider dial-up and automatic number configuration simplify both system configuration and day-to-day use of the software. In the new version AVM also responds to the demand for more control and security with an integrated dialing blacklist for the PC. The German version FRITZ! 3.03 will be available to all registered customers as a free download during the second quarter of 2002. International versions will follow. The new version can be seen for the first time at AVM's CeBIT exhibit, Hall 13, Stand C48. Receive Communications Everywhere with Fax-to-Mail and Voice-to-Mail Everyone knows the problem: you're on vacation, but you don't want to miss an important fax or phone call at home. The new Version 3.03 of the FRITZ! ISDN software now provides the solution: fax-to-mail and voice-to-mail allow users to check from any Internet access whether important communications have arrived. Faxes or voice messages received on the PC at home can be automatically forwarded to any e-mail address desired, and picked up from any Internet café. FRITZ! simply converts the fax or voice files into e-mail attachments and sends them to the specified address. ISDN Still More Simple and Convenient The ISDN connection monitor contained in the FRITZ! software has been further developed into an important building block of simple ISDN use. Now all the ISDN programs installed can be launched quickly and conveniently from the ISDNWatch icon. Furthermore, the program automatically detects the multiple subscriber numbers assigned to the ISDN line by the network operator. This makes installation simple, even for newcomers to ISDN. In the new version, individual software settings are gathered together in a central location. This option provides not only a clearer command of the current configuration, but also simplifies the adjustment of custom settings. With BlueFRITZ! or FRITZ!Card DSL, ISDNWatch also provides information on the quality of the Bluetooth or DSL connection. Dialing Blacklist for More Security The new FRITZ! version fulfills a wish expressed by many users: specified incoming and outgoing numbers can now be blocked. Users can thus be automatically prohibited from dialing and from receiving calls from individual numbers and whole number blocks. This feature can be used for example to block overseas, long-distance or premium-rate service numbers. In this way FRITZ! now provides extensive protection against premium-rate dialers that use Windows Dial-Up Networking to call expensive services, driving phone bills sky-high. These settings can also be password-protected so that they cannot be changed or deactivated by unauthorized persons. Just Surf - Economically with FRITZ!web FRITZ!web is the PC's quick and simple connection to the Internet. In the new version, Internet access can now be controlled by a time schedule. Create a type schedule by specifying the most economical Internet provider for any time of day and day of the week. ISDN users can then enjoy economical surfing with complete simplicity. AVM recommends choosing providers who support Fast Internet over ISDN. Enabled at the provider end, this ISDN data compression technique can increase the throughput rate to as much as 240 kbit/s. For a selection of providers supporting Fast Internet over ISDN, see AVM's web page at www.avm.de/FastInternet. ots Originaltext: AVM GmbH Internet: http://www.presseportal.de Contact: Urban Bastert Press Relations Manager Tel. +49-(0)30-39 97 62 14 E-mail u.bastert@avm.de AVM GmbH Alt-Moabit 95 D-10559 Berlin Betina Albers Press Officer Tel. +49-(0)30-39 97 66 45 Fax +49-(0)30-39 97 66 40 E-mail b.albers@avm.de Original-Content von: AVM GmbH, übermittelt durch news aktuell

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