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Pfeiffer Vacuum announces results for the first nine months of 2010

• Q3 the best quarter in the company’s history • Double-digit growth rates in all metrics • Guidance raised for full fiscal year

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Financial Figures/Balance Sheet/quarterly report

Subtitle: • Q3 the best quarter in the company’s history • Double-digit growth rates in all metrics • Guidance raised for full fiscal year

Aßlar (euro adhoc) - Asslar, Germany, November 3, 2010. Pfeiffer Vacuum closed the month of September with the best quarter ever in its corporate history. This also produced above-average developments for the first nine months. All metrics posted significant, double-digit growth rates.

Highlights at a glance:

9M/2010          9M/2009         Change

Sales revenues    EUR 158.5 million     EUR 137.5 million       + 15.3 %
EBIT              EUR 37.1 million      EUR 27.7 million        + 33.8 %
Net income        EUR 29.0 million      EUR 19.7 million        + 47.1 %
EPS                     EUR 3.39                EUR 2.31              + 46.8 %

New orders       EUR 165.3 million      EUR 117.3 million       + 40.9 %
Orders on hand  EUR 48.6 million        EUR 40.8 million        + 19.1 %

                      Q3/2010          Q3/2009     Change

Sales revenues    EUR 59.1 million      EUR 38.9 million        + 51.8 %
EBIT              EUR 14.4 million      EUR 5.9 million + 146.9 %
Net income        EUR 11.3 million      EUR 4.2 million + 169.0 %
EPS                     EUR 1.32                EUR 0.49                + 169.4

Pfeiffer Vacuum Chief Executive Officer Manfred Bender had this to say about the
results: "We are very proud of these numbers. The development of our business
has far surpassed our expectations. The volume of new orders is overwhelming,
and there has already been a clear improvement in margins during the first year
of the Trinos integration. We therefore now anticipate sales revenues of around
EUR 210 million for the full fiscal year, and an EBIT margin of over 23

Sales revenues by region The regional sales mix produced strong, double-digit growth rates on international markets during the first nine months of the 2010 fiscal year. In the United States, sales revenues improved by 42.2 percent to EUR 38.9 million (2009: EUR 27.4 million), and by 46.2 percent in Asia and the rest of the world to EUR 27.5 million (2009: EUR 18.8 million). In the other countries of Europe, sales revenues rose by 11.6 percent to EUR 41.0 million (2009: EUR 36.7 million). A special effect that was incurred last year due to a major contract from the solar industry has distorted year-on-year comparisons for Germany, causing sales revenues in Germany to decline by 6.4 percent from EUR 54.6 million to EUR 51.1 million. Currency translation effects accounted for EUR 3 million in the first nine months of 2010.

Sales revenues by market segment Posting a triple-digit growth rate, the Semiconductor market was especially noteworthy in the sales revenue mix by markets, with Pfeiffer Vacuum recording an increase of 125.2 percent to EUR 17.1 million (2009: EUR 7.6 million). The Analytical segment, too, saw a significant 39.3-percent rise to EUR 45.6 million (2009: EUR 32.7 million). Sales revenues in Industrial Applications improved by 28.5 percent to EUR 34.6 million (2009: EUR 27.0 million). The Research & Development market segment continued to sustain its upward trend, with sales revenues advancing by 25.2 percent to EUR 30.9 million (2009: EUR 24.7 million). Following a number of negative quarters, the development of sales revenues in the Chemical and Process Technology segment developed on a highly positive note, rising by 18.2 percent to EUR 6.4 million (2009: EUR 5.4 million). Only in the Coating segment was there a significant 40.5-percent year-on-year decline in sales revenues to EUR 23.8 million (2009: EUR 40.1 million).

Further profitability numbers Pfeiffer Vacuum´s industry-leading profitability continued to improve during the first nine months of fiscal 2010. Operating profit rose by 33.8 percent to EUR 37.1 million (2009: EUR 27.7 million), while the EBIT margin increased by 3.2 percentage points to 23.4 percent. Net income advanced by 47.1 percent to EUR 29.0 million (2009: EUR 19.7 million), with earnings per share thus amounting to EUR 3.39 (2009: EUR 2.31).

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About Pfeiffer Vacuum Pfeiffer Vacuum (Stock Exchange Symbol PFV, ISIN DE0006916604) is one of the world´s leading providers of vacuum solutions. Among a full range of hybrid- and magnetically levitated turbopumps, the portfolio comprises of backing pumps, measurement and analysis devices, components, vacuum chambers and systems. Ever since the invention of the turbomolecular pump by Pfeiffer Vacuum, the company has stood for innovative solutions and high-technology products that are used in the analytical segment, in research and development, environmental technology, chemistry, semiconductor production and coating technology, as well as in the automotive industry and any number of further sectors. Founded in 1890, Pfeiffer Vacuum is today active throughout the world together with a workforce of some 900 people as well as 14 subsidiaries and over 20 agencies. Further information is available at

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