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31.10.2000 – 07:38

Medion AG

ots Ad hoc-Service: Medion AG MEDION: dynamic start into its new fiscal year!

Ad hoc-announcement edited and sent by DGAP. The sender is solely responsible for the contents of this announcement. ----------------------------------------------------

    Mülheim (ots Ad hoc-Service) -      

    Safes and earnings sharply up foreign sales contribute already more than 20 % to total sales in first quarter

    In the first three months of its fiscal year 2000/01 MEDION was again able to raise sales and earnings significantly. This trend again underlines the growth power of MEDION's unique service concept, whose activities meanwhile have been successfully implemented on various European markets.

    Compared to the previous year sales went up by 55.8 % from Euro 94.9 M (DM 185.6 M) to Euro 147.9 M (DM 289.2 M). Quarterly profits climbed from Euro 3.25 M (DM 6.35 M) to Euro 5.05 M (DM 9.87 M). Thus earnings per share rose by more than 55 % from Euro 0.135 to Euro 0.21.

    Strong European business

    MEDION is more and more benefiting from having built up a European concept. Compared to the first quarter in fiscal year 1999/00 foreign sales were more than doubled from Euro 15.3 M (DM 30.0 M) to Euro 34.8 M (DM 68.0 M). Thus sales abroad contributed already more than 20 % to total sales in the past quarter.

    Marketing of trend products

    Innovative products such as CD recorders, DVD players, organisers, graphic-pads, MP3 players etc. contributed significantly to our sales growth. The development shows, that the market can be moved by affordable innovations with evident user advantages for the final customer.

    Growth factor New Media

    The bundling of internet, ISDN, tariff and mobile phone offers with hardware sales campaigns developed very successfully and generated enormous profit contributions.

    The introduction of technologies such as WAP (4), GPRS (5) or UMTS (6) will deliver a wave of new services and additional software by broadening language transmission by video and sound transmission. MEDION will strengthen its efforts to combine hardware with useful additional services.

    Positive Outlook

    The development of internet, numerous new user opportunities in the final hardware components as well as digitalisation which will considerably improve the audio and video quality create a very solid basis for sound market growth in the consumer electronics activities. The internationalisation of our business model, well established supply networks and the potential of our New Media activities promise further growth in the future.

    (4) Wireless Application Protocol (5) General Packet Radio Service (6) Universal Mobile Telecommunications

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