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    Companies to Plan, Develop and Coordinate Joint Activities To Operate Across Germany

    MEDION AG announced today that its marketing relationship with AOL Europe is stronger than ever. In the past months MEDION AG has reached its goal to combine its unique marketing concept successfully with its New Media activities. MEDION offers its customers multimedia products whose well- known quality was accompanied by an Internet access offered at a good price.

    MEDION's partner for marketing is AOL Europe, Europe's leader in interactive services. The marketing success the two companies have had so far is indicative of the success of the interactive medium.

    The success of the AOL Europe/MEDION relationship, and the strengths of both companies, have enabled the companies to explore additional opportunities as the medium continues its growth and expansion in Europe, including the expansion of their marketing into other European countries, including Austria, England, France and the Benelux countries, where both partners are already successfully doing business.

    AOL's and MEDION's co-marketing activities will be designed to create specific online service products which offer individual tariff options taking into account the specific technical and business environment of individual European countries. Afterwards these services will be installed and offered in MEDION's multimedia products so that European customers are able to enjoy significant advantages.

    In order to implement this concept, the partners will jointly plan, develop and coordinate selected co-marketing activities, offer selected products in the marketplace. Thus AOL Europe and MEDION will start to cooperate European-wide in terms of product development, logistics and marketing.

    Other benefits of the alliance will include, the cooperation between both partners to create significant business potentials. The recently introduced WAP technology offers internet access via mobile telephones, resulting in very good cross-selling opportunities in the mobile phone market in the medium-term.

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