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EANS-Adhoc: PALFINGER concluded 2015 with new record levels of revenue and earnings

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- Revenue grew by 15.7 per cent to EUR 1,229.9 million
- EBIT showed extraordinarily strong increase of 58.0 per cent to EUR 104.4
- Consolidated net result rose by 68.7 per cent to EUR 64.4 million
- Continuation of growth strategy planned

|Revenue (EUR  |        973.9**|        1,063.4|         +15.7%|        1,229.9|
|million)      |_______________|_______________|_______________|_______________|
|EBIT (EUR     |         69.0**|         66.1**|         +58.0%|          104.4|
|million)      |_______________|_______________|_______________|_______________|
|EBIT margin   |          7.1**|          6.2**|              -|            8.5|
|in %          |_______________|_______________|_______________|_______________|
|Consolidated  |         38.7**|         38.2**|         +68.7%|           64.4|
|net result for|               |               |               |               |
|the period    |               |               |               |               |
|(EUR million) |_______________|_______________|_______________|_______________|

|Dividend (EUR)|___________0.41|___________0.34|_________+67.6%|__________0.57*|
|Annual average|       6,490***|          8,030|         +12.0%|          8,995|
|payroll****   |_______________|_______________|_______________|_______________|

* Of which EUR 0.18 was paid out in December 2015 as an interim dividend.
Proposal for presentation to the Annual General Meeting: EUR 0.39
** Figures were adjusted with retrospective effect
*** Adjustments with retrospective effect, due to adjusted incorrect system
**** Consolidated Group companies excluding equity shareholdings, as well as
excluding temporary workers
Salzburg/Vienna, am 5. Februar 2016
Results of the PALFINGER Group
All in all, the performance of the PALFINGER Group was marked by steep growth in
2015. Revenue rose by 15.7 per cent from EUR 1,063.4 million in 2014 to
EUR 1,229.9 million. This is a new record level. EBIT showed an extraordinarily
strong increase of 58.0 per cent from EUR 66.1 million in the previous year to
EUR 104.4 million, which is also a new record. The EBIT margin rose from 6.2 per
cent in the previous year to 8.5 per cent. The consolidated net result for 2015
was EUR 64.4 million, 68.7 per cent higher than the previous year's figure.
PALFINGER plans to continue its growth. By 2017, the Group's revenue, including
the joint venture companies, is intended to reach EUR 1.8 billion, through
organic and inorganic growth.
For 2016, the management expects a continuation of high volatilities, both in
economic developments and on the currency markets. Sudden political tensions
cannot be ruled out, either. As in the previous year, visibility at the
beginning of the year ranged between two and four months; the current level of
orders is satisfactory. "From today's point of view, there are no indications
that the PALFINGER Group will not be able to continue its growth strategy",
states CEO Herbert Ortner.
In line with PALFINGER's longstanding dividend policy, approx. one-third of the
net result for the period will be distributed to the shareholders. Given that an
interim dividend of EUR 0.18 per share was paid out on 21 December 2015, the
Management Board is going to propose to the Annual General Meeting that the
remainder of the annual dividend be distributed in the amount of EUR 0.39 per
share. Hence, subject to the resolution to be adopted by the Annual General
Meeting, a total dividend of EUR 0.57 per share (2014: EUR 0.34 per share) will
be distributed for the 2015 financial year.

Further inquiry note:
Hannes Roither, PALFINGER AG
Tel. +43 662 2281-81100

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