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14.08.2000 – 20:21

Basler AG

ots Ad hoc-Service: Basler AG Basler AG presents good half-year result

The sender is solely responsible for the contents of this announcement. -----------------------------------------------------     Ahrensburg (ots Ad hoc-Service) - Basler AG achieved good results in the second quarter of the year 2000. Compared with the first quarter of 2000, the leading provider in the Vision Technology field could improve the sales revenue by 34 per cent to roughly DM 25 mio. This is a good 40 per cent increase in comparison with the second quarter of 1999. In the first six months of 2000, Basler AG thus achieved a total operating performance of DM 42.3 mio - a 34 per cent increase on the first six months of 1999.

    With DM 1.1 mio, the EBIT improved by 116 per cent on the first quarter of 2000 and amounts to DM 1.6 mio. The DVFA earnings of the first six months of 2000 are DM 1.1 mio (DM 0.32 per share) and could be increased by 35 per cent on the comparable period last year. Despite the good development of business in the first six months, Basler is making a rather cautious assessment of the total result of the business year. On the one hand, the present weakness of the CD-R market is having some effect on Basler and its largest business division Optical Media Inspection. On the other hand, the great demand for products of the younger growth areas Machine Vision Components, Display Inspection and Web Inspection could not be met as fast as originally planned as a result of staff bottlenecks in the software and electronics development fields. The high start-up investments made for these young business divisions additionally burden the result. While the a/m factors are detrimental for the group result 2000, the total operating performance in 2000 will be clearly above that of 1999, although not with the growth rate of last year. The preliminary performances realised today will then have a positive effect on the total operating performance and the result in 2001.

    Basler AG, an international high-tech company with headquarters in Ahrensburg near Hamburg, is a leading manufacturer of vision technology, the technology on which artificial vision systems are based. The systems and components produced by the company are crucial for the optimisation of industrial production processes. The basic conditions for a tremendous growth in sales and revenues are most promising since currently only approximately 10 per cent of all potential applications have been identified.

    For further information please contact Christian Höck - Investor Relations Phone 04102 - 463 175

    Basler AG An der Strusbek 60-62 D-22926 Ahrensburg

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