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    Muelheim/Ruhr (ots Ad hoc-Service) -EASY SOFTWARE in the first quarter of 2000: Revenue and gross profit increased by more than 100 percent

    EASY SOFTWARE was able to significantly increase its revenue and operating profits in the first quarter of 2000.

    The EASY group's sales revenue rose in the first three months by 103.9 % to DEM 19.54 million (1999: DEM 9.58 million). The gross profit was increased by 108.5 % to DEM 17.96 million (1999: DEM 8.62 million). The over-proportional increase resulted from a high share in the business of software licenses and services.

    The operating result (EBIT) increased in the same period by 60.7 % to DEM 3.26 million (1999: DEM 2.03 million). Adjusted for the proportional cost of IPO amounting to 1.24 Mio. DEM in 1999 the EBIT increases by 314.8 %.

    The earnings from ordinary activities (IAS-EBET) amount to 3.31 Mio. DM or 16.95 % of sales revenue.

    The DVFA/SG result improved in comparison to the same period last year by 38.4% and demonstrates a net income for the year (lAS) of DEM 1.34 million. The profit per share rose to DEM 0.26 or Euro 0.13 (1999: DEM 0.19 or Euro 0.10).

    Due to expansion in personnel and advances in sales, marketing and development, the personnel expenses including social security payments amounted to DEM 8.00 million (1999: DEM 3.33 million). At the end of the quarter, 262 employees (1999: 124) were in the employ of the EASY group.

    Belonging to the consolidated companies in the first quarter were the American EASY SOFTWARE INC, the French EASY SOFTWARE SAS, the British EASY SOFTWARE PLC, the Austrian SOLSYS Solution Systems Ges.mbH, ZERES GmbH, Bochum, as well as the subsidiary in Muelheim, ScanOptic GmbH, which was already consolidated in the first quarter of the previous year.

    The board

    Der Vorstand

    EASY SOFTWARE Konzern, Mülheim a.d. Ruhr Unternehmensdaten auf einen Blick (IAS) in TDM Key figures of the group (IAS) in TDM

1. Quartal 2000                31.3.00      In % vom      31.3.99      Steige-
1st quarter 2000                                Umsatz /                        rung/
                                                         percent of                    Increase
                                                         revenue                         in %

Umsatzerlöse                    19.542        100,0            9.584         103,9
Sales revenue

Gesamtleistung                 21.597        110,5          10.560         104,5
Total turnover

EBET                                  3.313         17,0            1.979          67,4

Betriebsergebnis-EBIT        3.255         16,7            2.025          60,7
Operating results

Periodenüberschuß              1.345          6,9                973          38,4
Net income DVFA/SG

Gewinn je Aktie            0,26/0,13                        0,19/0,10        38,4
Earnings per share

Personalaufwand                 8.001         40,9              3.335        139,9
Personnel expenses

Anzahl Mitarbeiter 31.3.    262              -                  124        111,3
Number of employees


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