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    Berlin (ots Ad hoc-Service) - In the Neue Markt an apparently unique initiative is taken to optimise the investor relations of a company and thus increase the transparency of that company's capital market position: TELES has just opened an Investor Relations Forum in the Internet on its home page for public but nevertheless professional debate with the CEO regarding the whole company - both the current business situation and future development perspectives of TELES. Until now such comprehensive and in-depth discussions had only been held in confidential one-on-one meetings between the CEO and analysts or fund managers.

    As an indispensable basis for the professionality of this public debate, TELES has made accessible on its website its road show presentation. Included in the road show presentation of a company is a structural sketch of its development plan for the coming two years, which is the basis of all one-on-one meetings.

    To ensure that the company is professionally presented, this public forum making TELES structurally completely transparent, must be moderated by TELES with several respects. In particular, only persons whose identity is known are allowed active participation in the forum - i.e. the establishment of discussion subjects and the posting of questions and comments on these subjects - even if these persons only wish to appear in the forum under an alias. TELES will respect any such wish for anonymity. In comparison, read-only access to the forum is available any time to anyone.

    TELES will also moderate the forum with respect to the number and quality of articles and their authors. Priority will be given to institutions recognised on the international capital market. A significant number of these are expected in the forum, which will therefore be held in German and English.

    After the reorganisation of TELES in favour of highly innovative value-added Internet services during the last months (see for more information), a broad and lasting marketing campaign for them will launched in November. The road show presentation shows that this marketing campaign promotes already the new development strategy for TELES and illustrates the associated revenue and EBIT expectations. However, the real strengths of this new company strategy and the probability of its success can only be demonstrated convincingly in professional discussion with all interested investors and analysts and the documentation thereof in this new forum. The forum is thus to win the money markets for the new TELES company strategy without delay, if possible before implementation of the strategy begins with the marketing campaign.

    The press conference at the start of this marketing campaign with VOBIS is planned for the beginning of November. TELES' interim report for the 3rd quarter 2000 is expected to be available shortly before - its completion was somewhat more complicated than usual due to the acquisition of MORE! AG, which has only recently been finalised.

      Prof. Sigram Schindler CEO of TELES AG

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