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    Berlin (ots Ad hoc-Service) - The TELES subsidiary EuroService Ltd., Shannon, has obtained its first large-scale order for its satellite-supported broadband Internet service skyDSL. The order, placed by the Swiss document management concern tronic-group, Regensdorf/Zurich, encompasses, on the one hand, the short-term delivery of 10,000 skyDSL complete packages for upgrading any Internet-PC and, on the other hand, the broadband service for their Internet usage demands.

    The skyDSL-service developed by TELES enables its users all over Switzerland to surf in the Internet with a speed of up to 8 megabits/second, that is, up to 200 times faster than with a normal 40- kilobits/second-modem. Furthermore, the skyDSL-service offers its users an entire series of new "always-on-internet services" - such as, for example, skyEmail or skyFavoritePages, with which a skyDSL-PC receives normal Internet-Emails or the stock market rates continuously in real time. Further information on skyDSL can be found at and

    The volume of the order for the 10,000 skyDSL-packages at delivery amounts to approx. 2,5 million DM - to this, the steady revenues of over one million DM per month can be added which the TELES EuroService obtains from these 10,000 PCs' utilization of the skyDSL-services.

    As the marketing of its skyDSL-services in the new version is starting up in July Europe-wide, the TELES EuroService expects further orders - comparable to the Tech-o-tronic order - still in this year.

    Prof. Dr.-lng. Sigram Schindler. CEO TELES AG

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