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30.03.2009 – 08:00

Betoglass Deutschland GmbH

BETOGLASS ® Patent Assignment

BETOGLASS ® Patent Assignment
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BETOGLASS ® is the worldwide patented process for mounting large areas of glass on any type of substrate - without the use of screws or other tools. Nearly every type of glass can be applied to any flat, vaulted or domed surface. Applications range from exclusive interior wall coverings to commercial site redevelopment, including corrosion protection of concrete, because it is chemically resistant, steam- and water- proof, non-flammable. BETOGLASS® enables the surface area in respect of grouted joints to be reduced to a minimum (less than 1%). Clearly of hygienic advantage in wet rooms and other care areas like hospitals or swimming pools where extremely high hygienic requirements are to be met. Formats of up to 4 m x 2 m are available. Quick and Efficient Assembly are assured with BETOGLASS®.

Strong alliances

BETOGLASS® combines the advantages of both glass and concrete. As connecting link between building materials and glass BETOGLASS® generates a win-win situation for both fields. The BETOGLASS® poly- transmitter makes it possible to physically connect different construction materials. Application of the poly-transmitter is uncomplicated and can be done subsequent to existing production procedures. Market entry requires very little investment. The strengths in brief: High success potential, no development or research costs, Low-investment series production or object-related production with known procedures in existing factories, Safe planning due to patents in all important industrial and development countries,Innovation without risk: various "general approvals by construction authorities" and long-term performance tests available, Products easily integrated with existing know-how, Improvement of new lines of business: expansion of main scopes of application into other market segments (e.g., industrial engineering, hydraulic engineering, civil engineering) Licensees sought in Eastern Europe ( ).


Applications range of BETOGLASS from exklusive interior wall coverings up to commercial site redevelopment.


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