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SinnerSchrader: Third quarter confirms earnings expectation for 2005/2006 - Revenue Growth Slower than Planned

    Hamburg, Germany (ots) - In the first nine months of the 2005/2006 financial year, SinnerSchrader earned revenue of EUR 11.7 million, i.e. 11 per cent more than in the comparable period of the previous year. The EBITA rose from EUR 67,000 in the previous year to EUR 380,000. In the third quarter revenue grew from EUR 3.6 million to EUR 3.9 million, which makes for a 7 per cent increase in comparison to the previous year. The EBITA rose from EUR 21,000 in the previous year to EUR 102,000.

    Incoming orders in the third quarter were just under 14 per cent above the level of the previous year. The positive business development based on a pleasing development of demand on the market for interactive services remains uninterrupted. Success in business with new customers contributed to this as well as the positive development in business with existing customers. In the first nine months SinnerSchrader started cooperation with fifteen new customers, including a major bank and two well-known companies from the fields of mail order, wholesale and retail.

    Based on the results for the first nine months SinnerSchrader confirms its expectation of concluding the year as a whole at the upper limit of its plans for operating earnings which envisaged an EBITA of between EUR 0.3 million and EUR 0.5 million. With respect to revenue growth, however, SinnerSchrader will probably end 2005/2006 slightly below its planned growth range of between 10 per cent and 15 per cent. This is primarily a result of reduced expectations for the growth in media services revenue. The current high utilisation rate for online advertising space has reduced the growth opportunities for CPO-based residual space marketing, in which SinnerSchrader specialises, to an extent not foreseen in the planning.

    As of 31 May 2006 the liquidity reserve was EUR 10.5 million. The shareholders' equity was EUR 10.7 million, corresponding to an equity ratio of 75 per cent.

                                    9 months    9 months    3rd quarter 3rd quarter
                                    2005/2006  2004/2005  2005/2006    2004/2005

Sales revenue
(EUR 000s)                        11,662        10,500        3,912         3,653

Gross profit
(EUR 000s)                         3,406         3,446        1,041         1,199

(EUR 000s)                            821            469          251            156

(EUR 000s)                            380              67          102              21

Net income
(EUR 000s)                            400            233          160              29

Net income per share
(EUR)                                  0.04          0.02         0.01          0.00

                                 31.05.2006 31.08.2005  31.05.2006  28.02.2006

Liquid funds and
securities (EUR 000s)      10,521        10,570         10,521        9,805

(final level)                        133            130            133            132

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