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30.11.2021 – 10:00

Leipzig Tourismus und Marketing GmbH

Leipzig. Where music sets the tone.

Leipzig. Where music sets the tone.
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Leipzig (ots)

Some 800 years of musical history resonate in Leipzig, and it is this that will come alive during a broad schedule of festivals commemorating the great musicians who once lived and worked here. In the 2022/2023 season, the City of Music Leipzig will be hosting some of the world's best music festivals, attracting classical music lovers once again.

In summer 2022 the international Richard Wagner festival “WAGNER 22” will take place in Leipzig, the composers birthplace. The Leipzig Opera will present all 13 of Wagner’s completed music dramas under the musical direction of Prof. Ulf Schirmer. The classical music event will present all operas in chronological order – with the exception of the Ring cycle whose four parts will follow each other directly. In addition to his more familiar works, the “Oper Leipzig” will also present Wagner’s early works: Die Feen, Das Liebesverbot, and Rienzi. For one weekend, Tannhäuser and Der fliegende Holländer will be broadcast for free, offering open-air seating directly in front of the Opera House. The Gewandhausorchester will play for all of the performances of WAGNER 22 and will hold its own festival in 2023, focusing on the symphonic works of Gustav Mahler.

Classical music fans from all over the world are meeting in Leipzig for:

Leipzig Bachfest: 9-19 June 2022

WAGNER 22: 20 June - 14 July 2022,

Mendelssohn Festival: 31 October - 6 November 2022

Mahler Festival 23: 11-29 May 2023

In addition, one can follow the Leipzig Music Trail all year round. This musical walking tour in the Leipzig city centre connects the most important original workplaces of famous composers. It is a great way to discover the City of Music Leipzig, where the mixture of tradition and zeitgeist can be felt everywhere.


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