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Audi online used car mart: new look, additional features

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    * Professional or standard search     * Around 55,000 entries covering Germany and Europe     * Research in 18 languages          The Audi online exchange car and company car mart, on and, now has a new look and additional features. This relaunch is the outcome of a study conducted to assess the usability of the previous service.          The user now has the choice of conducting a professional or standard search. With the aid of help buttons and a glossary of help texts with easy-to-understand explanations, he can find out about all the various functions available.          The professional search enables the customer to specify particular criteria, such as model, equipment or price, to find the vehicles that best reflect his requirements. Supported by the "dynamic" system, he is gradually steered towards the car of his choice. The number of available vehicles is always displayed. Research can be conducted in 18 languages. The standard search enables the user to find a suitable used car via a convenient multiple choice technique. This finally yields precise details of the vehicle, such as distance on clock, date first registered and possibly even a photo. The customer can store interesting offers with the aid of a notepad function and print them out.          The financing arrangements can likewise be dealt with online. If desired, the customer can make direct contact by email with the Audi dealer who is selling the vehicle. The new used car mart in addition contains extensive supplementary information and services for the purchase of a used car, including handover of the vehicle and insurance. If the user is unable to find the car he wants via the used car mart, he can place a search request. As soon as a car that fits his description is placed online, he is notified electronically.          The user can search around 55,000 entries from authorised Audi dealers. Dealers from other European countries, such as the Netherlands, Italy, Spain and the Czech Republic, are also included. There are plans to include cars from other European dealers too.          In addition to the straightforward range of used cars, Audi provides a link to a site for sales of AUDI AG company and business cars. Another special feature is the Audi A8 mart, which is exclusively for used Audi A8 cars.          Audi first launched an Internet used car mart for its own models, other group models and other brands in August 1997.          Audi is an international developer and manufacturer of high-quality cars. The company sold over 650,000 Audi models in 2000, bringing in group sales revenues of DM 39 billion. The Audi Group currently has over 50,000 employees.

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