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21.01.2000 – 18:10

Audi AG

Audi TT: Retrofitting campaign in full swing Customer satisfaction has top priority

    Ingolstadt (ots)

"Customer satisfaction has top priority for Audi," declared Audi spokesman Rainer Nistl in Ingolstadt on 21 January 2000. "For this reason, the retrofitting campaign for the TT is currently in full swing."          Around 15,000 kits of suspension components for retrofitting have so far been dispatched according to schedule and will be installed by Audi dealers immediately. As announced, the delivery of spoilers for retrofitting will commence from the end of January.          "The company and all its employees regret that there have been accidents involving the Audi TT," expressed Audi spokesman Nistl. The company is reluctant to make any sweeping recriminations.          Nistl explained that Audi's accident researchers had been investigating incidents involving the TT right from the very start. According to their findings, it was not possible to establish a pattern of accidents typical for the TT.          As Audi spokesman Rainer Nistl stressed: "For Audi, customer satisfaction also means settling the matter for TT drivers in conjunction with the dealer organisation in a suitable manner that is acceptable to all parties." In individual instances it is also conceivable that the Audi dealer may buy back a car.          As Audi's company spokesman confirmed: "The Audi TT does not have any design defects." Many specialist publications have described it as particularly agile and as having excellent cornering ability, and it has been praised in countless articles and test reports. In the most recent issue of the well-known British automotive magazine "Car", the TT was once again described as the "best-handling 'affordable' car of the year".

    However, the Audi TT came in for criticism last autumn for its stability limit which, as is typical for sports cars, is "narrower" than for saloons. "Audi responded extremely quickly and comprehensively," declared Nistl. Various changes to the suspension and a spoiler have modified the car's handling so as to render the limits of handling noticeable earlier on and make the vehicle easier to control. As the specialist press has reported: "This finally puts the Audi sports car on the safe side..." (auto motor und sport, 12.01. 2000).          Since the beginning of this week, the TT has been manufactured exclusively with the modified suspension, the Electronic Stability Program (ESP) and spoiler.

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