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Ingelheim, Germany (ots/PRNewswire) - The science of sexual desire

No doubt you've written about it before: Sex - an ever-present topic in newspapers and magazines.

Yet, despite the genuine interest in sex, little focus is given to the science behind it and even less so when it comes to female sexual dysfunction, the most common type being Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder (HSDD).

Up to one in ten women suffer from HSDD - a devastating medical condition that severely impacts the everyday lives and relationships of women affected.

This May, renowned experts in sexual medicine will present exciting new data about the science of sexual desire in a media webcast entitled:

'The Science of Desire: Exploring the neurobiological connection', coinciding with a major annual scientific meeting.

Available online 7 May 2008 at 12:30 BST (13:30 CEST).

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