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03.02.2009 – 11:16

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Opening Report FRUIT LOGISTICA 2009 Global fresh produce trade meets in Berlin

    Berlin (ots)

Record participation with 2,288 exhibitors from 80 countries - More than 50,000 trade visitors from 125 countries expected - Partner country Chile, leading fruit exporter in the southern hemisphere - German Agriculture Minister Ilse Aigner to officially open the event

    1.43 billion tonnes of fruit and vegetables produced worldwide - Per capita consumption in Germany: 208 kg

    Berlin, 3 February 2009 - FRUIT LOGISTICA 2009, the biggest-ever international produce industry trade event is about to open in Berlin. From 4 to 6 February, 2,288 exhibitors (2008: 2,110) from 80 countries (2008: 68) will be represented at the world's leading international trade fair for fruit and vegetable marketing. Exhibitors will include all of the key global players and companies in the international produce industry value chain. The number of countries represented in 2009 has increased significantly. Newcomers to the event include exhibitors from Comoros, Croatia, Gambia, Guinea, Lebanon, and Uzbekistan. The largest participations are from the European produce trading nations Italy, Spain, Germany, France and the Netherlands. With 89% of exhibitors coming from outside of Germany, this year's FRUIT LOGISTICA ranks the most international trade fair in Germany. A comprehensive market overview of products and services from all levels of the fresh produce trade will be presented on an area covering 88,000 m² of exhibition space (2008: 81,000 m²). All major industry players will be represented at the three-day trade fair, including key wholesale and retail trade partners, fruit and vegetable growers, and importers and exporters. More than 50,000 trade visitors from 125 countries are expected to attend the trade fair and accompanying conferences.

    Chile, this year's FRUIT LOGISTICA partner country and the leading fruit exporter in the southern hemisphere, will be represented by its leading companies and industry representatives. Ilse Aigner, German Federal Minister of Food, Agriculture and Consumer Protection, who is set to open FRUIT LOGISTICA2009 on 3 February at 6.00 pm in Saal 2 of the ICC Berlin, will be joined by Chile's Minister of Agriculture Marigén Hornkohl at the opening ceremony. FRUIT LOGISTICA is being staged in Berlin for the 17th time since 1993.

    Parallel to FRUIT LOGISTICA, Messe Berlin will be holding FRESHCONEX 2009 in Hall 2.1, the trade fair focused on the rapidly growing market for fresh-cut convenience products.

    The fresh produce market

    A good 6% of the 800 million tonnes of vegetables (excluding melons) and over 630 million tonnes of fruit (including melons) produced worldwide are traded in cross-border international fresh produce business. Russia is among the most dynamic importers of the past decade; its imports of fresh produce increased by a quarter to nearly 7 million tonnes between 2005 and 2007. The EU fruit harvest in 2008 was slightly higher than the previous year (up 4%). Yet at just under 36 million tonnes, it was still lower than the average of past years. The vegetable harvest in the EU in 2008 was comparable to that of the previous year (64 million tonnes). Higher yields offset slight decreases in land area under cultivation. Spain was the leading exporter of fresh vegetables in 2007/08, supplying a record quantity of nearly 3.8 million tonnes. The Netherlands boosted exports by nearly 10% in 2008 as well. The fruit harvested by market growers in Germany during the same period totalled 1.3 million tonnes, which fell a little short of the previous year's high. With a total of 3.5 million tonnes, the market production of vegetables surpassed even last year's record. German imports of vegetables remained at about the same level in 2008, whereas fruit imports decreased slightly. According to the ZMP (Central Market and Price Reporting Office), some 2,400 fresh produce companies generated sales of EUR 19 billion in Germany in 2007. Following the market slump in 2004, turnover has increased for the third year running, due primarily to higher prices. Turnover has seen only slight growth in 2008.

    Average per capita consumption of fruit and vegetables in Germany is 208 kg per year

    According to the results of a 2008 GfK consumer survey of fresh produce markets, 29% of the money spent on fresh products goes for fruit, vegetables and potatoes. Along with meat and sausage, these products are among the most important in the fresh product groups (sales volume, excluding dairy products, EUR 37.5 billion in 2008).The GfK (consumer research organisation) conducted a survey of fresh produce purchases and expenditures by German households in 2008, which was commissioned by the ZMP and CMA. The results indicated that each household purchased 83.6 kg (2007: 86.0 kg) of fresh fruit at an average price of EUR 1.62 per kilo. An additional 63.5 kg (2007: 63.4 kg) of fresh vegetables were bought at an average EUR 1.88 per kilo. Apples were the most frequently purchased fruit: 19.8 kg per household, followed by bananas (16.4 kg), oranges (9.3 kg), table grapes (5.5 kg), clementines and similar products (5.0 kg). For fresh vegetables, households mainly bought tomatoes (10.5 kg), carrots (7.8 kg), cucumbers (7.0 kg), dry onions (6.6 kg) and sweet peppers (4.9 kg). The most recent figures from 2006/2007 show that per capita consumption in Germany averages 208 kilos of fresh and processed fruit (122.5 kg) and vegetables (85.5 kg).

    Conferences provide important additional information

    FRUIT LOGISTICA 2009 kicks off with the 28th Fresh Produce Forum with a focus on: "Future trade structures - From production to the point of sale" (3 Feb.). At the opening ceremony which follows in the evening, Ilse Aigner, German Federal Minister of Food, Agriculture and Consumer Protection, and Chilean Minister of Agriculture Marigén Hornkohl will officially open the fair. Keynote speaker will be Gert Schambach, member of the executive board of Edeka.

    Seven Hall Forums are planned for the following three days of the fair. Topics of the events organised by FRUCHTHANDEL MAGAZINE (Düsseldorf) include: "How is the retail sector positioning itself? - Competition between systems" (4 Feb.), "Chile - Partner with a tradition and a future" (4 Feb.), "Poland - The next big player?" (5 Feb.), "Strategic alternatives for the supermarket fresh produce department" (5 Feb.), "CO2 and energy costs - The international produce trade feels the pinch" (5 Feb.), "The consumer, an unknown entity" (6 Feb.), "Innovations for the fresh produce business - The perfect new product" (6 Feb.). Events at the Fresh Produce Forum and the seven Hall Forums will be simultaneously interpreted in German, English, French, Italian and Spanish.

    During the trade fair, visitors will have a chance to visit the following company and product presentations in the exhibitor forum "Kleiner Stern" (Sydney Room): "Molecular testing for optimal control of ripening, maturation and storage quality" (5 Feb.), "Strawberry health facts" (5 Feb.), "Bayer CropScience food chain partnership: The Brazilian flavour guarantee programme" (5 Feb.), "Sustainability, agriculture  and the consumer: implications for trade and industry" (5 Feb.).

    Outstanding achievements in all sectors of the fresh produce trade will be honoured by the presentation of industry awards including the "Grüner Merkur" (3 Feb.) and the FRUIT LOGISTICA INNOVATION AWARD 2009 "FLIA" (6 Feb.).

    Visitor information

    FRUIT LOGISTICA 2008 Berlin and FRESHCONEX 2009 are open daily on 4-6 February from 9.00 am to 6.00 pm. Online tickets are available at a special price of EUR 22.00 for a one-day ticket and EUR 53.00 for an event pass. One-day tickets cost EUR 25.00 at the gate. An event pass costs EUR 60.00 at the gate. An event pass with access to the Fresh Produce Forum costs EUR 85.00. All tickets include a catalogue along with admission to the Hall Forum events and to FRESHCONEX.

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