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ots Ad hoc-Service: AG AG boosts first-quarter sales by 150 percent

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    - Increase of 250 percent in gambling stakes handled     - 100,000 customers on 31.03.2000     - B2B sector in partnership with debis and Deutsche Telekom Aktiengesellschaft (securities identification number 576 350), of Kiel , today publishes its report on the first quarter of 2000. Growth in Germany's l eading e-gambling platform and the positive development in orders in the B2B segment have prompted a rise in sales for the first quarter of 2000 (compar ed with the corresponding prior-year period) of over 150 percent, from DM 2.367 million (EUR 1.210 million) to DM 5.956 million (EUR 3.045 million). This figure includes betting stakes totalling DM 0.381 million (EUR 0.195 million) recorded by the Internet bookmaker, which was acquired in February.

    Together with,'s gambling segment thus handled gambling stakes and bets totalling DM 4.465 million (EUR 2.283 million) in the first three mont hs of the year; due to accounting regulations, this sum cannot be included in full in the first-quarter figures. Compared with the first quarter of 1999, when s ales totalled DM 1.294 million (EUR 0.662 million), the total volume of stakes h andled therefore rose by almost 250 percent. The betting stakes for Interjockey. com and the agency commissions and handling fees charged by are shown in the commercial accounts of the Group.'s activities in the first quarter once again focused on attracting new c ustomers through marketing and sales measures; these activities also made a subs tantial contribution to the EBIT of DM -5.372 million (EUR -2.746 million), as a gainst DM -2.039 million (EUR -1.042 million) for the first quarter of 1999. Following capitalisation of taxes on income, there consequently remains a consol idated net loss for the period (according to IAS) of DM -2.685 million (EUR -1.3 73 million), compared with DM -1.141 million (EUR -0.583 million) in the priory ear period.

    The rise in the number of employees slowed down slightly in the first quarter, a s expected; on March 31, employed 155 people. The total at the end of last year was 140. New employees have been recruited in particular for software development, product management and marketing/sales activities. The number of people participating in has risen particularly sharply; th ere were 100,000 registered customers on 31.03.2000, compared with 35,000 on the corresponding date last year, representing a growth rate of 180 percent. The ra te of growth is thus even faster than for 1999 as a whole (162%).

    In the business-to-business sector too, is increasingly being given pr eference by major consortiums as an Internet marketing specialist for the develo pment and marketing of comprehensive e-commerce solutions. In the first quarter of the year, established two significant alliances: it will in future be realising a number of e-commerce and online marketing projects together with debis Systemhaus Internet Business Solutions (IBS) and Deutsche Telekom. The full report on the first quarter of 2000 will be published today on the Inte rnet addresses and

    Contact: AG, Investor Relations, Stefan Zenker, tel.: (+49) 431-88104-84, fax: (+49) 431-88104-70, mobile: (+49) 173-9138705, e-mail:

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