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BLOGPOST: 4 basic tips for increasing your LinkedIn reach

BLOGPOST: 4 basic tips for increasing your LinkedIn reach
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In recent months and years, LinkedIn has grown in importance more than any other network. Anyone seeking to network professionally can hardly avoid it today. So what is important and what should be considered? We have collected four of the most crucial tips for more reach and success on LinkedIn, ranging from managing your own profile to regular content.

Tip 1: Complete your profile

The most important thing you can do comes right at the very beginning: A complete profile is a fundamental requirement for long-term LinkedIn success. For starters, your own profile will only be found on Google if the information is complete. Another point to consider is that potential new contacts are suggested to members based on similarities between you and them, such as a former employer or having gone to the same university. Accordingly, feeding the algorithm becomes a critical factor for any business platform.

Under no circumstances should your name, profile picture, contact details, CV and major career milestones ever be missing. The profile image should receive special attention. More than a figurehead, it is displayed to other users with every search or when your own profile is posted. Your profile looks even more professional with a matching header image. If you don't want to use your own picture, you should talk to your company. There are often matching graphics already being used for social media and they can be easily adapted.

If you would like to highlight certain information, you can use the “Info” field to add important data and facts about yourself. LinkedIn frequently suggests a draft based on registered career milestones and knowledge that can be easily customized.

Tip 2: Build your own network

LinkedIn thrives from networking. Fortunately, the “Your Network” tab offers easy ways for you to make new contacts and suggests people with similar professional backgrounds or things in common. Familiar faces and acquaintances should always be your first point of contact. Checking there regularly, your network will soon be enlivened with contacts from previous jobs or school. But it is also quick and easy to build new professional relationships outside your own circle.

However, never overwhelm strangers with wild requests without rhyme or reason. Are there any common interests or similar job titles (like in marketing or PR), or have you read an exciting response someone posted? Then send them a contact request. LinkedIn’s algorithm additionally suggests appropriate contacts to you and experience shows that many members are happy to accept a request if you share specific similarities. With a bit of skill, patience and some flexibility, you can expand your network quite easily.

Tip 3: Offer your target group regular content

Of course, you can use LinkedIn for silent observation, too. However, it becomes much more exciting when you are posting your own content. Before posting, you should ask yourself a few questions: Who do I want to reach through my posts (a special target group like content marketers)? What are the target group’s questions, needs, challenges and current debates? Can I attach other formats besides text, such as images, videos or surveys? Can I ask specific people and link to them or have my post give an opinion on a topic or thread for comments? Always, of course: quality over quantity.

Anyone who has ever been active for a while on LinkedIn knows: stories work particularly well in business. Testimonies and experiences draw attention and attract readers. This is because: stories have a power all of their own and appeal on a different, emotional level that no dry fact in the annual report or about a new product can match.

Tip 4: Create interaction

Even here, you should get familiarise yourself a little with the LinkedIn algorithm. In brief: those who frequently comment on others' posts receive greater visibility. If only because other readers come across the comment and it encourages them to visit your profile and network. Just a little tip here: go through your own feed every day and spot exciting posts. There is no need to comment on every post you read, but a "thumbs up" can still get you noticed.

Written by: Martin Marsmann

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