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Energetic reveal show with hot entertainment
Grammy Winner Sean Paul: Exclusive Concert at Corsa World Premiere

Energetic reveal show with hot entertainment / Grammy Winner Sean Paul: Exclusive Concert at Corsa World Premiere
Energetic reveal show with hot entertainment: Grammy-award winning reggae hip-hop superstar Sean Paul gives private VIP concert for 700 fans at the Corsa world premiere in Old Billingsgate, London. Editorial use of this picture is free of charge. Please quote the source: "ops/Adam Opel GmbH"

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    Opel took to the air tonight as the all-new Corsa was escorted to the scene at Old Billingsgate by a helicopter flying over the river Thames. Two other Corsa models raced on the stage to accompany Grammy-award winning reggae hip-hop artist, Sean Paul, the entertainment for the special premiere event.  Seven hundred fans were invited for a private VIP concert immediately following the spectacular reveal. Alain Visser, Executive Director, European Marketing for Opel, stated: “The new Corsa is fresh and inventive. Therefore, we wanted to ensure that its debut was equally surprising and energetic.”

    The eagerly anticipated fourth-generation Corsa makes its world premiere at the British International Motor Show (July 20-30). The new edition is expected to again reach the top of its segment. It has everything it needs to get there: compelling design with athletic contours, a newly-developed chassis for safe and agile cornering, new high-tech features in this class, a new high-quality interior, generous space and a host of clever innovations such as the flexible integrated carrier system “Flex-Fix”, which makes its world premiere on a production car.

    “'We set the trend', that was our motto for the new Corsa. Many believe that the progress is only made in big cars, and then filters down to smaller ones. Innovations like the unique 'Flex-Fix' system prove that this can work the other way around too,” said Hans Demant, Opel´s Managing Director.

    Bryan Nesbitt, GM Europe's Executive Director of Design boasts: “The new Corsa builds on our commitment to offer dynamic vehicles regardless of the segment. The fashion conscious exterior coupled with a refreshingly innovative interior hope to exceed the target customers' expectations.”

    Info on Sean Paul:     The worldwide ambassador of dancehall reggae, Sean Paul is a Grammy winner (Best Reggae Album) for the six-million copy selling “Dutty Rock“. This one stop UK gig will celebrate his third album, “The Trinity“. He is currently touring through Europe during the month of July. More info http://www.sean-paul.net.


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