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EANS-Voting Rights: Andritz AG
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Information on the persons or entities under disclosure obligation:

i.	Custos Privatstiftung ("Custos"), Graz, Austria 
ii.	SASR Achtundfünfzigste Beteiligungsverwaltungs GmbH ("SASR 58"), Vienna,
iii.	Cerberus Vermögensverwaltung GmbH ("Cerberus"), Graz, Austria 
iv.	Dr. Wolfgang Leitner, Austria
v.	Certus Beteiligungs-GmbH ("Certus"), Graz, Austria
vi.	Salapo Beteiligungsverwaltungs GmbH ("Salapo"), Vienna, Austria
vii.	MANILE Privatstiftung, Graz, Austria,  together with Custos, SASR 58,
Cerberus, Wolfgang Leitner, Certus und Salapo the "reporting persons/entities"
and each one of them a "reporting person/entity"))

On March 27, 2015, ANDRITZ was informed of a change in the major holdings in
ANDRITZ AG (ISIN: AT0000730007), Stattegger Strasse 18, 8045 Graz ("ANDRITZ" or
"Issuing Company"):

Custos holds a controlling interest, within the meaning of § 92, line 4 of
BörseG in SASR 58, which holds 26,000,001 shares in ANDRITZ (equal to an
interest of 25% + 1 share). Wolfgang Leitner is a co-founder of Custos and holds
rights since the foundation was established that enable him to control Custos in
the meaning of § 92, line 4 of BörseG. Dr. Wolfgang Leitner continues to hold a
99.6% interest in Cerberus and is its managing director, with authority to act
alone on Cerberus' behalf. Custos holds a stake of 0.4% in Cerberus, which
continues to hold 800,000 ANDRITZ shares (equal to a stake of 0.769%) unchanged
since the announcement pursuant to §§ 91 ff BörseG on August 14, 2014.

After transition of 1,800,000 shares in ANDRITZ (equal to a stake of 1.73%) to a
third party on October 29, 2014, Certus has held a total of 4,149,543 shares
(equal to a stake of 3.99%) until recently, whereby its direct interest and the
indirect interests of Salapo and MANILE dropped below the 4% disclosure
threshold (c.f. notification of shareholdings dated October 29, 2014). This
block of shares transferred on October 29, 2014 is now being returned, with the
result that Certus again holds 5,949,543 shares in ANDRITZ (equal to a stake of
5.721%) effective as of March 27, 2015, whereby Certus' direct interest and the
indirect interests of Salapo and MANILE have exceeded the disclosure thresholds
of 4% and 5%.

The Takeover Commission (ÜbK) decided officially to initiate proceedings
concerning ANDRITZ pursuant to § 33, para. 1, line 2 ÜbG (Austrian Takeover Act)
on September 25, 2014. The object of this procedure was to review whether there
was wrongfully no mandatory takeover offer submitted in connection with the
reorganization measures implemented by the core shareholders of ANDRITZ in
August 2014, particularly by Custos, and in connection with the re-transition of
a securities loan for ANDRITZ shares existing since 2004. The ÜbK issued a
notice on this procedure on March 20, 2015, which was delivered to the reporting
persons/entities on March 25, 2015. The ÜbK found that there was no infringement
regarding the mandatory takeover and thus, no mandatory takeover offer need be
submitted, however the interest held indirectly by Manile via Salapo and Certus
in the amount of 5,949,543 shares in ANDRITZ (equal to an interest of 5.721%) is
to be attributed unilaterally to Custos according to § 23, para. 2, line 1 ÜbG. 

Based on the aggregation of all voting rights pursuant to § 91a, para. 7 BörseG,
the legal view of the ÜbK results in the following total votings rights
according to §§ 91 to 92 BörseG, which are attributable to Custos and Dr.
Wolfgang Leitner as follows (pursuant to §§91 BörseG):

Pursant to §91 BörseG: SASR 58: 26,000,001/25% + 1 share
Pursuant to §§ 91, 92, line 4 BörseG, Custos: 26,000,001/25% + 1 share
Pursuant to §§ 91, 92, line 4 BörseG: Wolfgang Leitner: 26,806,001/25.775%
Pursuant to §§ 91, 92, line 7 BörseG: Custos and Wolfgang Leitner:
Custos in total: 31,949,544/30.721%
Wolfgang Leitner in total: 32,755,544/31.496%

Thus, pursuant to § 91, para. 1, sentence 5, line 1 BörseG, Custos and Wolfgang
Leitner, respectively, have exceeded the threshold of 30% of direct and indirect
holdings of voting rights in the issuing company. The period for appeal is 14
days. At present, the reporting persons/entities do not intend to contest the
decision by the Takeover Commission within the remaining time limit for appeal.

Further inquiry note:
Dr. Michael Buchbauer
Head of Investor Relations
Tel.: +43 316 6902 2979
Fax: +43 316 6902 465

end of announcement                               euro adhoc 

issuer:      Andritz AG
             Stattegger Straße 18
             A-8045 Graz
phone:       +43 (0)316 6902-0
FAX:         +43 (0)316 6902-415
sector:      Machine Manufacturing
ISIN:        AT0000730007
indexes:     WBI, ATX Prime, ATX, ATX five
stockmarkets: official market: Wien 
language:   English

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