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12 Million Pixels under the Sea!
EXILIM presents the EWC-100 underwater housing for the new EX-Z1200

    Norderstedt (ots) - In his days, Jules Verne himself raved about the colorful bounty of fishes and corals found beneath the surface of the sea. And like Verne's hero Captain Nemo so long ago, today's underwater fans can now man their dive stations confidently, with the EXILIM EWC-100 underwater housing for the new EX-Z1200. The current digital camera highlight from CASIO is thus impressive not only on shore, but also under water, with its full 12.1 megapixels.

    Thanks to the housing's ease of operation, the most beautiful photos come out picture perfect every time the camera goes on a dive; the housing elements remain easy to grasp and operate even when the user is wearing diving gloves. The stylish EXILIM Duo is a perfect companion at up to 40 meters in depth, and opportunities to use the camera and housing abound on land as well. Thanks to the EWC-100, the EX-Z1200 is always extremely well protected from sand, dust, snow, and water, ensuring that the most beautiful vacation moments remain as visible mementos.

    The housing comes with a flash diffuser, strap, silicon paste, and defogging kit.

    The EWC-100 is commercially available for EUR 199.00.

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