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07.06.2000 – 08:12

DAB BNP Paribas

ots Ad hoc-Service: Direkt Anlage Bank AG DAB and INTERHYP AG: Strategic partnership between discount broker and mortgage provider offering a complete online mortgage solution

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    Munich (ots Ad hoc-Service) -

    A further step in the direction of an e-finance platform.

    Direkt Anlage Bank AG, (DAB) and Germany's leading Internet portal for Mortgages, INTERHYP AG, have agreed on an exclusive cooperation. The cooperation partners will jointly develop products to focus in particular on the profiles of DAB customers and provide suitable mortgage solutions. In future DAB customers can compare the pricing and terms of real-estate Financing deals on DAB'S website and apply for Mortgage Financing online from the best provider for their needs. Starting in July, anyone planning to take out a mortgage or who is already paying off one can quickly and conveniently optimize his or her financing package with the aid of the functionalities developed by INTERHYP. Another possibility is to take out so-called foward loans. In doing so, the conditions for a mortgage can be locked in for up to three years before a new interest lock-in period commences - in the process, phases of low interest rates are put to optimum use.

    INTERHYP AG bundles the offers and terms of 25 well-known mortgage providers in Germany on the Internet ( In addition to comparing terms and making it possible to apply for Mortgages online, a status monitor shows the applicant or future home owner exactly where and by whom his or her application is being processed. Since its online launch in mid-January 2000, INTERHYP AG has already handled more than 3,000 loan applications with a total financing volume of more than DM 1 billion.

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