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Vodafone steps up the pace of mobile internet

Düsseldorf/Berlin (ots) -

   - HSDPA with speeds of up to 14.4 mbit/s 
   - HSUPA with speeds of up to 3.0 mbit/s 
   - Practical benefits for all customers 

The Vodafone Germany 3G network already facilitates the fast and convenient transmission of large volumes of data thanks to HSDPA and HSUPA. Downlink speeds of up to 3.6 megabits per second and uplink speeds of 1.45 megabits per second have been possible throughout Germany for quite some time already. Now Vodafone has increased its network speed once again, clearly emphasising that it offers the best communication products and services for "generation upload". Numerous German towns and cities now have mobile internet downlink rates of up to 7.2 megabits per second and uplink rates of up to 3.0 mbit/s. Highly frequented hot spots such as airports and major rail stations also offer downlink speeds of up to 14.4 mbit/s.

These theoretical speeds also deliver very fast downloads in practice. Tests under realistic conditions with the new Nokia 6730 show that downlink rates of almost 10 megabits per second can be achieved, enabling high quality movie downloads or streaming. Even customers with mobile handsets that don't support the very latest technology profit from the faster Vodafone network because it transfers data faster from the mobile base stations to the fixed network. Vodafone is an integrated communications service provider with a very efficient fixed network, so it can easily connect the base stations with high fibre optic cables. And because high data volumes can be transferred quickly from the base stations, many mobile communications customers can use them simultaneously.

"Vodafone customers are the first mobile users in Germany to profit from the maximum speed currently available for mobile data services of 10 megabits per second. This underlines our pioneering role in mobile broadband solutions. We have the most efficient mobile network and the best coverage in Germany, and we're extending our infrastructure to reflect our customers' needs," said Hartmut Kremling, Chief Technology Officer Vodafone Germany. Vodafone Germany's customers will enjoy the advantages of mobile internet services that are often faster than the services on their home or office PC. HSDPA provides problem-free mobile access to the company intranet, multimedia websites or video streaming services. Mobile individuals who have to transfer large volumes of data also profit from HSUPA. A photo taken on a mobile phone can often be sent via HSUPA faster than it can via a conventional DSL connection, and HSUPA guarantees excellent quality video conferencing.


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