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Martin Böhm to serve on Executive Board

Martin Böhm to serve on Executive Board
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Martin Böhm to serve as Chief Experience Officer on Executive Board

Duderstadt, 15 June 2021

European Supervisory Board gains new members

Martin Böhm took up his role as Chief Experience Officer on Ottobock’s Executive Board on 1 June 2021. Böhm (42) previously served as Chief Digital Officer at MDAX-listed Beiersdorf and will be contributing this experience as he takes responsibility for Marketing and IT at international medtech company Ottobock and works to integrate these areas.

Under his leadership, the company will be enhancing its digital user experience, particularly with respect to social media, e-commerce and CRM. Together with his team, Böhm will be setting up a data-driven platform centred around users and customers with personalised solutions for everyday life. As he takes on these projects, he will be working together with the Digital Office headed by Chief Digital Officer Güngör Kara to continue driving Ottobock’s digital transformation and the cultural change this will bring to the company.

“Martin Böhm is a fantastic appointment who will be helping to shape our futuring process. With him on the team, we will also move closer to our users and customers in the digital space. Böhm will be linking our brand, services and products together to create experiences that support our users on their journey to more mobility,” says Professor Hans Georg Näder, owner and President of the Executive Board for Ottobock SE & Co. KGaA.

“Ottobock is a strong brand that empowers people to live their everyday lives to the fullest once more,” says Philipp Schulte-Noelle, CEO of Ottobock SE & Co. KGaA. “Going forward, we will be tailoring our digital and analogue solutions to match the realities of our individual users’ lives. When it comes to achieving this, Martin Böhm is the ideal addition to the team.”

New appointment to Supervisory Board as well

The Supervisory Board is also bringing new expertise on board. Marcus Brennecke, Dr Joachim Kreuzburg and Christoph Seibt are leaving the Supervisory Board. At the annual general meeting, Jurate Keblyte, Prof. Michael Kaschke and Johannes Reichel were appointed to the Supervisory Board as members representing the shareholders.

Jurate Keblyte is currently serving as Chief Finance Officer at GRAMMAR AG.

Prof. Kaschke headed up the ZEISS Group as Chairman of the Supervisory Board until 2020.

Johannes Reichel is a Partner at EQT. As Head of Private Equity Germany, he oversees the company’s shareholdings including SUSE, a software company that is now listed on the stock exchange.

There has also been a reshuffle on the employee side, with Pernilla Fridh from Sweden following in the footsteps of her predecessor Pia Uppola, also from Sweden.

Marcus Brennecke, Partner and Global Co-Head Private Equity of EQT Partners and Dr Joachim Kreuzburg, Chief Executive Officer of Sartorius AG, will continue to serve on the Management Board. The Näder family of owners holds an 80 per cent share in Ottobock, with the remaining 20 per cent held by EQT.

About Ottobock

Ottobock develops “wearable human bionics” – medical technology products for people with limited mobility in the fields of Prosthetics, Orthotics and Human Mobility (wheelchairs). The company, founded in 1919, also treats patients in its Patient Care division. Ottobock's mission is to improve their quality of life and increase health economic benefits. With the Paexo exoskeletons, Ottobock has transferred its expertise in biomechanics to applications for industry as well since 2012. Subsidiaries in almost 60 countries offer “Made in Germany” quality worldwide and employ more than 8,000 people. The international activities of the company are coordinated from the head office in Duderstadt (state of Lower Saxony). Ottobock has been supporting the Paralympic Games with its technical expertise since 1988.

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