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25.04.2018 – 22:27 LTD

ARTCHAIN1: Whitepaper completed, Whitelist registration opened

Get the Whitepaper now.

Register for the Whitelist.

Visit our website on

Private or corporate investors interested to become part of the ARTCHAIN1 starting community are welcome to invest in our private pre-ICO stage. We offer the option to invest up to 5 mio EUR (cumulated) an to get a stake on the company before we start the ICO.

Investors have to be compliant with EU regulations but can come from countries within or outside the European Union. Furthermore, in order to participate in the ARTCHAIN1 ICO and to be added to white list, we have opened the registration process for potential token buyers.

Please fill in the form on our website with accurate details. You need to upload your valid Government-Issued ID Card or Passport (front page, back page).

You also need to register your ERC-20 wallet adress which you intend to use for the ART1 utility token purchasements.

Please understand that without delivering all information as required on our website formular you will not be added to the Whitelist.

Al requests should be made by writing to