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ots Ad hoc-Service: IVU Traffic Technologies Successful Business Developments in Fiscal 2000

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    Berlin (ots Ad hoc-Service) -          Neuer Markt-listed IVU Traffic Technologies AG (WKN 744 850) has announced its consolidated results (IAS) for fiscal 2000:

    - Revenue rose to DM 34.33m (December 31, 1999: DM 28.68m)

    - Gross profit increased to DM 37.30m (December 31, 1999: DM 24.52m)

    - EBITDA increased from DM 3.98m (1999) to DM 8.18m, and EBIT before goodwill amortization from DM 1.62m (1999) to DM 4.73m at the close of fiscal 2000

    - Earnings per share calculated in accordance with IAS 33 of DM 0.35/share (1999: DM 0.11/share)

    Revenue rose by 20 percent year/year to DM 34.33m at December 31, 2000, compared with DM 28.68m at December 31, 1999. In line with the projections published at the time of IVU's IPO, BLIC Beratungsgesellschaft für Leit-, Informations- und Computertechnik mbH (BLIC), Berlin, and IVU Italia Traffic Technologies S.r.l. (IVU Italia), Rome, accounted for DM 4.47m of total revenue. EBITDA rose from DM 3.98m in 1999 to DM 8.18m in 2000. EBIT before goodwill amortization almost tripled from DM 1.62m (1999) to DM 4.73m at December 31, 2000. Goodwill amortization in 2000 amounted to DM 0.96m.

    In contrast to 1999, BLIC and IVU Italia were fully consolidated as of July 1, 2000sind. The IVU GmbH subsidiary was accounted for as an equity investment with effect from January 1, 2000 and this goodwill was written down in the consolidated financial statements, prepared in accordance with IASs for the first time for fiscal 2000.

    These figures confirm the preliminary 2000 results released by IVU Traffic Technologies AG on January 9, 2001; the EBIT figure is even ahead of the preliminary announcement.

    IVU lifted gross profit to DM 37.3m at December 31, 2000 (1999: DM 24.52m), an increase of 52 percent. Much of this increase was appropriated for investments in human resources. The number of employees in the Group rose to an annual average of 247 at December 31, 2000, a 55 percent increase. Staff costs increased to DM 20.7m in the period under review (1999: DM 14.81m).

    Consolidated net income improved from DM 0.90m (1999) to DM 2.73m at December 31, 2000. In accordance with SIC 17, the costs of the IPO (DM 8.63m) were deducted from equity in the amount of DM 5.18m (net of the related income tax benefit).

    Order books at January 1, 2001 totaled DM 24.00m, almost doubling year/year. This gives IVU an excellent basis for its planned growth in 2001.

    IVU Traffic Technologies AG's detailed Annual Report will be available for download as a pdf file from www.ivu.de on March 29, 2001.


    IVU Traffic Technologies AG Investor Relations Mrs. Antje Krekeler Tel. +49 (0)30-85906-272 Fax: +49 (0)30-85906-111 Internet: www.ivu.de e-mail: akj@ivu.de

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