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Name:    BWT Aktiengesellschaft
Place:   Mondsee
State:   Österreich

Legally non-binding translation of the German original:

WAB Group raises holding to 59% - notification of 8 November 2012 to BWT AG:

WAB Privatstiftung (FN 166606 i), FIBA Beteiligungs- und Anlage GmbH (FN 236576
g), FIBA BA Holding GmbH (FN 381217 p) and Aquivest GmbH (FN 381878 k) as well
as Mr. Andreas Weissenbacher herewith notify pursuant to § 92a Abs 1 in
connection with  §§ 91 ff BörseG (Stock Exchange Act) in a common disclosure (§
5 Abs 3 erster Satz TransV) regarding the issuer BWT Aktiengesellschaft (FN
96162 s) and the associated shares with voting rights admitted for trading on
the Offical Market on the Vienna Stock Exchange (ISIN AT0000737705) ("BWT
shares") as follows:

This disclosure is being made in the context of the mandatory takeover offer of
Aquivest GmbH pursuant to § 22 Übernahmegesetz (ÜbG, Takeover Act), in the
course of which shareholders of BWT Aktiengesellschaft have delivered 5,551,379
BWT shares until the end of the period of acceptance. Settlement (= concurrent
payment of the offer price against transfer of the BWT shares) will take place
on 12 November 2012. Therefore, 12 November 2012 pursuant to § 92a Abs 1 Z 3
BörseG (Stock Exchange Act) is the relevant day, on which the related thresholds
according to this notification will be reached and surpassed. (the "record

As at the record date, Aquivest GmbH directly will receive 5,551,379 BWT shares
(corresponding to 31.13%) herewith reaching and surpassing the thresholds of 5%,
10%, 15%, 20%, 25% and 30% of voting rights of BWT Aktiengesellschaft. Applying
the rule of common control pursuant to § 92 BörseG the same is valid for FIBA BA
Holding GmbH, the sole owner of Aquivest GmbH, providing that FIBA BA Holding
GmbH has an indirect participation in BWT Aktiengesellschaft through Aquivest
GmbH. Neither Aquivest GmbH nor FIBA BA Holding GmbH have been holding BWT
shares so far. 

Applying the rule of common control pursuant to § 92 BörseG, FIBA Beteiligungs-
und Anlage GmbH, who is the sole shareholder of FIBA BA Holding GmbH, taking
into account the 1,543,600 BWT shares currently held directly (corresponding to
around 8.66%) as at the record date, directly and indirectly, therefore will
respectively  control 7,094,979 BWT shares (corresponding to 39.78%) herewith
reaching and surpassing the thresholds of 10%, 15%, 20%, 25%, 30% and 35% of
voting rights of BWT Aktiengesellschaft.

All shares of FIBA Beteiligungs- und Anlage GmbH, of which Dr Wolfgang
Hochsteger is the sole shareholder, are being held in trust for WAB
Privatstiftung. WAB Privatstiftung currently holds 3,175,000 BWT shares
(corresponding to 17.80%); further, currently the BWT shares mentioned above of
FIBA Beteiligungs- und Anlage GmbH as well as a further 310,910 BWT shares
according to § 92 BörseG are attributable to her, whereby as a result of §§ 91 
BörseG and following, the participation of WAB Privatstiftung in BWT
Aktiengesellschaft currently amounts to 28.20%. As at the record date, WAB
Privatstiftung directly and indirectly, respectively attributable, will hold a
total of 10,580,889 BWT shares (corresponding to 59.33%) therefore reaching and
surpassing the thresholds of 30%, 35%, 40%, 45% und 50% of voting rights of BWT

When qualifying WAB Privatstiftung as a trust controlled by the trustor Mr.
Andreas Weissenbacher according to the Übernahmegesetz, his participation
pursuant to §§ 91 BörseG and following as at the record date will amount to
10,580,889 BWT shares (corresponding to roughly 59.33%) and herewith will reach
and surpass all thresholds according to § 91 Abs 1 BörseG including the
threshold of 50% of voting rights of BWT Aktiengesellschaft.

The calculation of the percentage shares in this disclosure is based on the
total number of shares with voting rights of BWT Aktiengesellschaft
(17,833,500). For the purpose of this disclosure, the 1,072,898 treasury shares
held by BWT Aktiengesellschaft were not accounted for.

Further inquiry note:
BWT Aktiengesellschaft
Mag. Ralf Burchert
Tel.: 06232/5011-1113

end of announcement                               euro adhoc 

issuer:      BWT Aktiengesellschaft
             Walter-Simmer-Str. 4
             A-5310 Mondsee
phone:       06232/5011-0
FAX:         06232/4058
sector:      Water Supply
ISIN:        AT0000737705
indexes:     ATX Prime
stockmarkets: official market: Wien 
language:   English

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