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New prime documentary series by Emmy nominated gebrueder beetz filmproduktion

New prime documentary series by Emmy nominated gebrueder beetz filmproduktion
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First-look showcase at the Berlinale Series Market 2023 presenting the documentary series about the secret double life of former Spanish King Juan Carlos

After two years of investigative research and production gebrueder beetz filmproduktion presents a new high-end documentary series about the former Spanish King Juan Carlos I at this year’s Berlinale Series Market as part of the showcase “Up Next: Germany”.

Following the awarded series “A PERFECT CRIME” (first German Netflix Original documentary series, nominated for Grimme Award, winner of Best Documentary Series at international Berlin Series Festival) and “REEPERBAHN SPECIAL UNIT 65” (participant of last year’s Berlinale Series Market, winner of Producers Award at Film Festival Hamburg, winner of Best Documentary Series at international Berlin Series Festival), gebrueder beetz filmproduktion is now presenting their next high-end documentary series.

The Berlinale Series Market is an event under the umbrella of the European Film Market and welcomes an international professional audience. This series about Juan Carlos has entered the last stage of production and is the only non-fictional program that was invited for a presentation at the Berlinale Series Market. The showcase “Up Next: Germany” will take place on February 20th, the time will be released on the Berlinale website soon. Producer and author Christian Beetz will be attending the showcase, accompanied by director Anne von Petersdorff and executive producer Christian Asanger (Sky), who will give an insight behind the scenes of the production process. Afterwards they will be answering questions of the audience and journalists.

About the new documentary series 4 x 43 min

For many years, King Juan Carlos I was a Spanish hero, celebrated around the world, for reforming Spain with his modern, progressive and democratic values until scandals and allegations surrounding his financial arrangements led to his abdication in 2014.

Told from the perspective of his close friends and confidants, palace insiders, former intelligence officials and critics, the four-part documentary series sheds a new light on the former King’s personal life including affairs, allegations of corruption, and alleged abuse of power – leading up to and including the events and circumstances of his abdication.

Taking viewers across the globe from Madrid to London, Monaco, Geneva, Abu Dhabi and New York; this high-end docu-thriller deals with the allegations surrounding the former King in a struggle for money, sex and power.


The series is produced by Emmy-nominated Christian Beetz, who created the series with Anne von Petersdorff and Georg Tschurtschenthaler from gebrueder beetz filmproduktion, and author Pedro Barbadillo. Executive Producers at Sky Deutschland are Christian Asanger and Felix Kempter, and for Sky Studios, Barnaby Shingleton. The development of the project was supported by Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg. The four-part documentary series is being produced by gebrueder beetz filmproduktion, a LEONINE Studios company, in association with Sky Studios and will be shown in all Sky territories in 2023. International distribution will be handled by NBC Universal Global Distribution.

About gebrueder beetz filmproduktion

gebrueder beetz filmproduktion is a prime documentary powerhouse, which produces internationally acclaimed, award-winning documentary features and series for cinema, TV and streaming – for the national as well as for the international market.

The company’s productions include the Emmy-nominated documentary THE CLEANERS, the first German Netflix Original documentary series A PERFECT CRIME and the Oscar-nominated documentary OPEN HEART.

Most recent releases are the multi-award-winning prime documentary series REEPERBAHN Special Unit FD65 and #UNTERALMANS. According to the industry leader "Realscreen", gebrueder beetz filmproduktion belongs to the 100 most important independent production companies worldwide. Since October 2022 the company operates under the umbrella of LEONINE Studios.

2023 in Germany on Sky and WOW, as well as in all Sky territories such as England, Ireland, Italy, Austria and Switzerland

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