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WebConnect RDP in the browser - a secure and efficient solution for remote access

WebConnect RDP in the browser - a secure and efficient solution for remote access
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WebConnect World SL, a leading provider of remote desktop solutions, recently unveiled its latest innovation, WebConnect RDP in the browser. CEO Saber Maram explained that this new technology offers a revolutionary way for companies and organizations to access and manage remote desktops without the need for a direct RDP port to the outside world.

In contrast to conventional remote desktop solutions, WebConnect RDP does not require an RDP client in the browser and can be displayed directly in the browser. It is a secure SSL connection in banking standard between the browser and the WebConnect installation, which ensures secure transmission of data. In addition, the RDP connection is only established internally in the closed network between the WebConnect installation and the target device.

Another benefit of WebConnect RDP is that it doesn't require an expensive VPN connection and works anywhere there is internet available, even in places where VPN ports are blocked, like some train stations, hotels or airports.

WebConnect RDP also offers features not previously offered by other remote desktop solutions, such as multi-monitor with up to 3 monitors, local or network printing with native printer drivers, double-sided printing and tray control, video mode with frame rates up to 60FPS, local use of smart card Reading and ditting with Speechmike microphones.

"With WebConnect RDP in the browser, we are offering our customers an easier and more secure way to access and manage remote desktops," said Saber Maram, CEO of WebConnect World SL. "We are proud to develop this innovative technology and are confident that it will be of great benefit to companies and organizations of all sizes."

WebConnect World SL
WebConnect World SL, based in Madrid, specializes in data protection, security and communication. The company develops its own products and advises customers in the area of research and development. The central product is WebConnect for flexible and secure working from anywhere in the world. The solution offers a new concept for secure remote access to desktops and dialing into the company network - as a secure and simple alternative to VPN. WebConnect is sold through resellers and various partner programs. For more information, see .

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