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International Investment Forum (IIF)

IIF Digital Capital Markets Conference on 02
15: Comprehensive perspective thanks to interdisciplinary approach

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IIF Digital Capital Markets Conference: Comprehensive perspective thanks to interdisciplinary approach

The International Investment Forum (IIF) will take place for the 6th time on February 15, 2023 - solution providers from industries such as Greentech, Biotech, Retail & Logistics, Blockchain and Mining will present themselves and their market views - over 1,000 participants are expected.

From innovative solution providers around Greentech, promising biotechs, or blockchain companies with unique selling points to problem solvers from trade and logistics - the 6th International Investment Forum (IIF) brings together attractive growth opportunities and established business models and gives interested investors exciting insights from the comfort of their own desks in just one day. On February 15, 2023, from 09:55 a.m. CET, the purely digital event will begin free of charge for all interested parties via Zoom.

A total of twenty companies will be presenting, showcasing their business models and answering questions live from participants. The digital event, which has been running since 2021, offers investors, journalists and decision-makers from the business world the opportunity to obtain first-hand information and learn about innovative business models. The speakers also shed light on pressing issues of our time, such as the opportunity to optimize supply chains or meet the requirements of the energy transition. Representatives of participating companies from the raw materials sector, whose products are indispensable for many future solutions, will answer questions about the availability of critical raw materials and their areas of application.

"The International Investment Forum (IIF) has always thrived on the fact that companies from different industries come together to discuss the most pressing issues of our time," says Mario Hose, Managing Director of Apaton Finance GmbH, one of the co-organizers. "Only those who evaluate business models in light of market conditions can be successful on the capital market in the long run."

Manuel Hölzle, CEO of the research house GBC AG, also co-organizer of the IIF, adds: "Currently, numerous sectors of our economy are undergoing transformation processes: the automotive industry, the energy industry, but also the financial sector. Only those who look at the challenges from different perspectives can ultimately make holistic investment decisions. For example, charging stations for e-cars, energy grids, or electricity storage systems cannot be implemented without suitable raw materials." For this reason, representatives of companies from the copper, vanadium, nickel, oil, gold and uranium sectors will also be presenting at the 6th edition of the IIF.

Three more dates already set for 2023

'After the game is before the game' - according to this motto, the dates until the end of 2023 have already been fixed: further editions of the IIF digital investor event will take place in May, October and December. "In times of change, it is important that investors stay in touch with companies and are provided with first-hand information," comments Hölzle. "Only when companies explain their business models, shedding light on challenges and opportunities in equal measure, does the market ultimately develop the trust that growth companies, in particular, urgently need for their success," Hölzle continues.

"The IIF's digital platform allows us to gather experts and decision-makers from all regions of the world in one day - a classic international conference, on the other hand, requires travel and a high level of organization," says Mario Hose, Managing Director of Apaton Finance GmbH. "Digital conferences like the IIF are much more flexible in this regard, especially in an international environment, fitting into the daily lives of participants and sustainable for several reasons. While travel expenses, accommodation and out-of-pocket expenses are an issue at face-to-face events, every euro spent on digital conferences benefits investor relations," says Hose.

30 minutes for each speaker , including Q&A

Selected companies give insight into their business models and provide investors with first-hand information in 30-minute slots spread over an entire day. Investors from around the world join the English-language event via Zoom. Participants ask questions via chat and receive live answers. All information on the participating companies, a (free) registration option, and the schedule can be found at


About IIF - International Investment Forum

IIF - International Investment Forum will take place on February 15, 2023. Companies and their board members or top managers will present and answer questions from investors via Zoom. The start time is 09:55 a.m. (CET - Central European Time). The event will end at 20:00 CET. The event is organized from Germany as a cooperation project between Apaton Finance GmbH and GBC AG.

For more info:

About Apaton Finance GmbH (Co- Organizer )

Apaton focuses primarily on growth companies and helps build investor relationships. Partners are located all over the world. When a company is in transition and enters a new market or growth phase, Apaton becomes active. Apaton's experts create investable visibility in new regions and markets.

Press Contact:

Mario Hose

+49 511 67 68 731

About GBC AG (Co-Organizer)

GBC AG has been organizing capital market conferences since 2001. Around two-thirds of all German issuers from the small & mid cap sectors have already used the GBC conferences in the 20 years of conference history to address the capital market directly. The GBC conference series generally aims primarily at asset managers, fund managers, family offices, analysts and financial journalists.

Press Contact:

Marita Conzelmann

+49 821 241133-49


International Investment Forum (IIF)
is a joint project organized by Apaton Finance GmbH and GBC AG

Apaton Finance GmbH
Ellernstr. 34
30175 Hannover

Managing Director: Mario Hose

German Trade Register, Dept. B: County Court Hannover, HRB 202654,
Company domicile: Hannover
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