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Turbo Energy

Turbo Energy will introduce SunBox Industry, its new proposal for industrial and commercial projects, at Intersolar Europe

Valencia (ots)

Turbo Energy, the manufacturer of photovoltaic products with a high technological component, will join Intersolar Europe again (stand C3.330) to showcase SunBox Industry, its new power storage system, designed especially for the Commercial and Industrial sector (C&I).

After the experience gained with SunBox Home over the past couple of years, Turbo Energy brings its success with all-in-one solar systems to a new height. SunBox Industry is an intelligent storage solution, industrially designed to be modular and to satisfy the needs of large photovoltaic facilities, or the wish of many business owners to increase the power installed above the profitability thresholds for many plants with no storage capacity. Javier Ferrer, manager of the SunBox Industry initiative, highlights the relevance of the system to satisfy the growing demand for photovoltaic sun power projects at a large industrial scale and to facilitate compliance with the corporate goals on energy transition. "This segment is not adequately covered by the current manufacturers or solutions are tailor made with extremely high budgets. We have designed a solution that can manage power between 50-500 kW, 43 kWh and 1.7 MWh at a very competitive price." "In addition, it stands out for being a turnkey solution installed by our specialised partners. The equipment includes all the necessary components: inverters, batteries, safeguards, connections, and communications, thus allowing a seamless plug & play experience," added Javier Ferrer.

The solution has a robust design, specially prepared for industrial settings, while keeping the carefully crafted aesthetics of its domestic equivalent. The strength of Turbo Energy arises from its IT team, who developed the management software. "The system can be controlled from an app connected to an unrivalled Artificial Intelligence algorithm," further explained Javier Ferrer. And he added "the app smart software analyses hundreds of thousands of consumer data, data from photovoltaic power generation and climate stations to, together with a connection to the national power pricing system, manage the batteries optimally, being able to even trade, that is, buy energy at the cheapest times of the day."

Another advantage of this equipment is that it offers a customisable back up system that acts in milliseconds, should there be a power cut, in order to protect the business-critical power loads, and can be activated automatically or preventively when there are storms nearby. It also includes the peak shaving option "which allows the business to cover the electrical power peaks with the batteries, so the contracted power can be reduced and economic savings are achieved", explained Ferrer,

SunBox Home

At the exhibition, the company will also showcase its residential range of all-in-one solutions to manage the photovoltaic power with storage at home. The company's technicians will explain to visitors the Artificial Intelligence potential, as well as the customisation capacity of the system, provided by the flexibility it offers in terms of capacity and power, its exclusive operating modes, its intelligent power port, and the version for electric vehicles.

About Turbo Energy

For the past 10 years, the company has been a leader commercialising lithium-ion batteries for residential uses. For a while, its R&D Department has been focusing all its efforts on creating intelligent power storage products and solutions that provide a high added value.


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