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05.03.2001 – 12:30

PRNewswire Europe

PR Newswire acquires leading European technology communications services group

    London (ots-PRNewswire) -  PR Newswire today announced its acquisition of Cyperus, the leading French corporate communications services company for the technology industry, thereby establishing an important strategic presence in France and Spain for PR Newswire and particularly its European division.

    Vicky Unwin, managing director of PR Newswire Europe said, "The acquisition of Cyperus is a vital step in PR Newswire's campaign to establish itself as the leading commercial news distribution service throughout Europe through textual news releases and multimedia content. It provides us with a valuable foothold in the strategically important markets of France and Spain with a strong management team with expert local knowledge of their markets and their clients."

    Cyperus offers a suite of professional online investor relations and communications services including webcasts, presentations and a full-text news release delivery as well as a number of other marketing and human resources solutions. Current customers include France Telecom, Lucent, Alcatel and IBM.

    PR Newswire will now provide Cyperus clients with its own extensive global news targeting, distribution and monitoring services, and image delivery.

    Cyperus Chief Executive Officer Jean-Louis Amblard said, "Cyperus' customers will benefit from PR Newswire's global presence, targeted services and its extensive distribution network, which already delivers approximately 1,000 news releases a day on behalf of 40,000 companies worldwide. We will bring European clients our expertise in reaching audiences in France and Spain and in multimedia, especially in streaming media for trade shows."

    Amblard remains CEO of Cyperus, a PR Newswire company, under Unwin's management.

    Please visit http://www.cyperus.fr/prnewswire for a full online interview on the acquisition with Charles H. Morin, PR Newswire's chief executive officer, and Vicky Unwin, managing director of PR Newswire Europe.


    Established in 1996, Cyperus was the first media web site in France to specialize in the distribution of corporate press release and live coverage of events related to high-tech. In July 1999, Apax Partners & Co, one of the world leaders in capital investment, took a 27.7% interest in Cyperus with the intention of making Cyperus the leader across Europe in media communications over the Internet. Cyperus sends news releases to 700 journalists at trade and financial publications, daily newspapers, radio and television stations as well as to major Internet portals and 3,000 executives and consultants in the technology sector.


    PR Newswire, http://www.prnewswire.com, provides comprehensive communications services ranging from information distribution and market intelligence to the creation of online and broadcast multimedia content and investor relations web sites. Its world-leading dedicated newswire, Internet, satellite and fax network is capable of pinpoint or mass distribution, satisfying the growing global demand for the immediate delivery of news releases, video, audio and photos to the media, financial community and consumers.

    As the leading provider of communications support services for public relations and investor relations professionals in the UK and Europe, PR Newswire Europe has an extensive portfolio of related services which include MediaManager, Europe's leading media intelligence and contact management system, eWatch, the pioneering web monitoring service and ProfNet which provides specialist media with information on request. It specialises in high-speed information distribution to the media and financial markets in 135 countries in 25 languages.

ots Original Text Service: PRNewswire Europe Internet: http://recherche.newsaktuell.de


Vicky Unwin, Managing Director, PR Newswire Europe, Tel: +44 20 7454 5300, Mobile: 07788 452 333


Jean-Louis Amblard, Chief Executive Officer, Cyperus, Tel: +33 1 4028 2525

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