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Glossary for Solid-Liquid-Separation

Glossary for Solid-Liquid-Separation
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Bokela ‚Bokipedia‘, a platform of knowledge concerning methods, key terms and processes of process filtration.

Filter cake is a term most people in the industry will be familiar with. However, do you know what the Bond number is? Now, expertise and experience in filtration have been comprised in a glossary. With ‚Bokipedia,‘ the experts share their knowledge and provide a digital source of reference which will grow continuously.

The filtration world is an international one, and spreads far and wide over many industries. English thus is the omnipresent language in the professional context. Therefore, Bokipedia will firstly be available in English. It can be found online at “Of course we speak German here, at our site in Germany. Nevertheless, most of our customers are located abroad and thus, English is used daily, too,“ Franz Meck, Head of Marketing at Bokela, explains. For more than four decades, the specialists for process filtration are excelling in unifying challenging products, complex processes, and outstanding efficiency.

Filter Solutions for Every Challenge

Filter systems tailored precisely to the specific needs and requirements of each customer are the flagship of the German filtration people. And yet, neither does Bokela shy away from ‚ revamping‘ filters by other manufacturers or old machines in general. Revamp, in Bokela’s words, means modernizing and reinstalling filters in order to omit the immense costs of a new invest. For both, building their own filter systems, as well as for modernizing others, Bokela relies on years of experience and sound specialist knowledge. Part of this treasured knowledge is now comprised in Bokipedia.

From Abrasion to Zone Sedimentation

So far, Bokipedia has roughly 800 entries. Among them common processes and terms such as ultrafiltration, tailings, and displacement washing. But it also includes expressions that might even make experienced filtration experts frown a little, such as Richardsen & Zaki Equation, Vortex Finder or Isokinetic Sampling. Thus, Bokipedia is worth taking a look, by novices as much as by seasoned experts.

Editor: wyynot GmbH, Larissa Fritzenschaf


As experts for process filtration, Bokela is an internationally renowned partner and provides exactly the right technology solution to ensure more efficiency, work safety, and environmental compatibility. Bokela researches, develops and constructs at one of the German technology capitals, Karlsruhe. The filter systems are built worldwide on site. Like with a modular kit, individual solutions for each customer are constructed of high-end, sophisticated components. This future-oriented principle rests on the experience and open-mindedness of our Bokela engineers.

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