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EANS-Adhoc: Revenues doubled in last six years; New records posted for revenues and EBIT; Good capacity utilization assured by full order books

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Rosenbauer Group - Preliminary Results 2010


2010 was another record year for the Rosenbauer Group, in which it maintained the growth curve of recent years. The international orientation and worldwide presence so energetically pursued by the Group, its technological leadership, and growth on the US market were the major drivers of this success.

KEY CORPORATE FIGURES               2010 (preliminary) Change in %  2009   2008
Revenues                    EUR Mio 595.0              + 10%        541.8  500.3
EBIT before one-off effects EUR Mio 46.3               + 6%         43.5   39.9
EBIT after one-off effects  EUR Mio 49.8               + 69%        29.4   39.9
EBT                         EUR Mio 48.8               + 85%        26.4   32.3
Employees as at 31.12.              2,046              + 5%         1,946  1,795
Order intake                EUR Mio 496.9              (14%)        575.9  556.7
Order backlog as at 31.12.  EUR Mio 394.5              (19%)        487.2  459.2 

Group revenues climbed by 10% in 2010 to a record high of 595.0 EUR Mio (2009: 541.8 EUR Mio). This means that revenues have doubled in the course of the past six years. EBIT in the reporting period rose to 49.8 EUR Mio (2009: 29.4 EUR Mio), equating to an EBIT margin of 8.4% (2009: 5.4%). As in previous years, the biggest top and bottom-line contributors were the export business of Rosenbauer International AG and the US companies.

While 2009 EBIT was adversely affected by a 15.0 EUR Mio provision set aside as a risk precaution in the light of pending anti-trust proceedings in Germany, the 2010 result benefited from a positive effect worth 3.5 EUR Mio resulting from the partial reversal of this provision. The proceedings, which had been underway at the Federal Cartel Office since 2009, were concluded when official notice of the fines was served in February 2011. Fines totaling 10.5 EUR Mio were imposed upon the two companies involved, Rosenbauer International AG and Rosenbauer Feuerwehrtechnik GmbH. After legal and incidental costs are added, the total sum required is likely to amount to 11.5 EUR Mio, permitting the above-mentioned partial reversal of the provision for anti-trust risks. The operating result (EBIT) before the one-off effect from the reversal of the provision is 46.3 EUR Mio. The operating EBIT margin of 7.8 % is well above the industry average.

Orders Last year the Rosenbauer Group took new orders worth a total of 496.9 EUR Mio (2009: 575.9 EUR Mio), 14% below the figure for the previous year. Year-on-year comparison must allow for the fact that in the second quarter of 2009 a very sizeable major order, of several years´ duration, was received from the General Authority of Civil Aviation (GACA) in Saudi Arabia, to supply 220 fire fighting vehicles worth a total of 100 EUR Mio. This order will take until 2012 to fulfill and so will have a positive impact on revenues and earnings in each of four successive years.

At 394.5 EUR Mio, the volume of order backlog at the end of 2010 (compared to 487.2 EUR Mio in 2009) reflects the developments in incoming orders. This means that despite the fall in the order intake figure in the wake of the 2009 major order, a continuation of the good capacity utilization situation at the Group´s production facilities is assured for 2011.

The figures given here are based on an IFRS-compliant accounting forecast. The final figures for the 2010 financial year are to be announced on April 20, 2011.

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