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The new AT - the municipal fire service vehicle of the future

• 90 innovations for greater safety and functionality • Five individual vehicle concepts to be showcased at the INTERSCHUTZ

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Subtitle: • 90 innovations for greater safety and functionality • Five individual vehicle concepts to be showcased at the INTERSCHUTZ

Leonding (euro adhoc) - he AT from Rosenbauer has been a byword among fire services for more than 15 years. Moreover, ever since the first generation, it has been subject to ongoing improvements and in the meantime, over 2,000 vehicles are in operation worldwide. Now, this year´s INTERSCHUTZ is to witness Rosenbauer´s presentation of the latest AT generation.

Flexible superstructure system Two characteristics speak volumes about the new AT, namely compactness and quality. The ratio of the storage space volume to the external dimensions has been further increased and for the first time, the entire room available in the superstructure can be used with absolute flexibility. A new profile system is employed for the anchorage of the compartment floors and transverse walls, etc. and this can be moved with millimeter precision. This innovative superstructure concept has also provided a further reduction in weight, which in turn allows the installation of larger tanks with capacities of up to 7,500 l and the transport of additional payload. All the equipment compartments can be flexibly designed and the vehicle loaded across its entire width at the same height. Anchorages are available in lengths of up to 2,300 mm.

Numerous detail solutions such as higher, deep compartments, storage space in the fold-down steps, vertical storage at the rear of the vehicle and a newly developed quick attack compartment in the floor, etc., contribute to the improved use of space in the superstructure. A new tensioned spring system has been developed for quick and safe equipment removal and this can be fitted with one-finger safety locks, which means that one-handed equipment removal has been implemented throughout virtually the whole of the new AT. In addition, a new color concept supports the intuitive operation of the vehicle.

Vehicle ergonomics As a result of a new docking system on the driver´s cab, there is more room in the crew cabin. This is also better protected against noise and is illuminated with fully glare-free lighting. The seating offers new seats and backs with more lateral hold and can be fitted with safety belts, belt tensioners and rollover side airbags. In addition, every seat is equipped with a modern communications system. The crew cabin doors are either entirely or partially made of glass, depending on fire service requests. Glass doors have the advantage of creating improved light conditions in the cabin and providing a view of any obstacles next to the vehicle before the crew starts to alight. Once the vehicle has arrived at the emergency scene, the driver merely presses a single button and the vehicle is secured. In line with client wishes, the new operational setting button can automatically activate the flashing lights alarm, the traffic control unit, the ambient lighting and the lighting mast with switched on searchlights.

Intelligent extinguishing technology The extinguishing technology of the new AT "thinks". A central water axis undertakes logical water distribution precisely where and whenever it is required, whether this be to the tank, the pump, or both simultaneously. Such distribution can also be supplemented by feed pressure control, which is regulated automatically. Furthermore, the new AT offers the right integrated pump for every need, from the N10 for installation under the tank, to the NH55. The performance range starts at 1,000 l/min and extends to 5,500 l/min in combination with a new tank system. All pumps can be fitted with the Rosenbauer FIXMIX pre-mixer and the new DIGIMATIC and AQUAMATIC compressed air proportioning systems are both available for installation in the new AT. DIGIMATIC has been developed for operations with wetting agents and offers proportioning rates of 0.1% even with minimal output volumes of 50 l/min. AQUAMATIC is operated with fixed proportioning rates of 0.5-6.0% and can be used at both pressure levels. In combination, the central water axis, pumps/proportioning system and the extinguishing water tank form a harmonized solution that has been entirely trimmed to efficiency. Tanks with volumes of up to 7,500 l can also be integrated into the new AT.

140 kVA energy system A further AT highlight is the Rosenbauer Electric Power System (EPS), a hybrid system developed especially for use in firefighting vehicles. This provides up to 140 kVA at a constant 400 V and 50 Hz. EPS stands for a modular system consisting of an integrated generator, converter and the respective electrical consumers in various performance classes. Not only can the consumers in the vehicle be fed via the EPS, but also an external emergency supply.

New light and control technology The new AT relies fully on LED technology, which is employed in practically the whole of the vehicle. Large flat beam LEDs are utilized for the ambient lighting, while the most powerful LED wide beam searchlights are used as spots. The control technology of the AT was also updated during the makeover process and the new Rosenbauer LCS 2.0 (Logic Control System) now offers comprehensive design and a modular structure, and provides the clear presentation and safe operation of even complex procedures via displays in a variety of sizes. Additional innovations that Rosenbauer will be presenting with the new AT include a traffic warning unit that can be integrated at the back of the vehicle and automatically sets traffic cones, a tracked manipulator for the transport of heavy equipment and much more besides.

The new AT is manufactured both at Rosenbauer Group headquarters in Leonding and at the production center in Luckenwalde, Germany. The Rote Hahn marks its sales launch and initial deliveries are planned from February 2011 onwards.

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