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Press Release - hubergroup India expands its support for rural healthcare

Press Release - hubergroup India expands its support for rural healthcare
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Press Release

hubergroup India expands its support for rural healthcare

a joint project named “Fartu Davakhanu” with Rotary Vapi Riverside

Following the successful launch of its medical van initiative last November, hubergroup India expanded its support for rural healthcare in the Indian state of Gujarat with two more medical vans. These new vehicles, which are dedicated to dental and eye care, are equipped with doctors, nurses, and basic medical equipment and will be available in 16 remote villages every week for on-site examinations. For this project called “Fartu Davakhanu”, hubergroup is collaborating with the non-profit organization Rotary Vapi Riverside, which has extensive experience working in the local regions.

End of last year, the printing inks and specialty chemicals company had started to send two medical vans to remote villages with the aim of supporting the existing healthcare infrastructure by offering free local consultations and medicines. Since then, hubergroup has been able to gather a lot of experience and has found that the offer was well received by local residents. As a result, the medical van doctors conducted around 10,000 examinations within the last five months.

Suresh Kalra, Managing Director India and President Asia at hubergroup, says: “We are very happy that the local residents accepted our services. Within the last months, we found that we can really make a difference with this initiative. Thus, it was clear to us that we want to expand our support.”

PDG Ruchir Jani, member of Rotary Vapi Riverside, states: “This project has won the trust of local villagers, and they are happy to utilise this service. The two new vans will add to the much-needed medical services in these remote areas.”

The two added medical vans are dedicated to dental and eye care as there is often a need for education and action here. Many villagers in remote areas are, for example, unaware of basic oral hygiene and related diseases such as tooth decay and gum problems. hubergroup, therefore, provides counselling, initial treatment, and medications for these ailments. The medical van teams also educate about tobacco chewing, which is one of the main causes of oral cancer in these areas, and provide basic treatment for related symptoms.

Furthermore, vision disorders such as near-sightedness, far-sightedness, and astigmatism are common but not treated. hubergroup’s medical teams will, therefore, provide patients with glasses to correct their vision and raise awareness for these disorders. In addition, hubergroup is planning free surgery camps to treat cataracts, which are one of the main causes of blindness.

About hubergroup

hubergroup is an international printing inks and chemicals specialist based in Germany with a 255-year history. Within its two divisions, the company develops innovative, sustainable products and services to enable its customers first-class results. The Print Solutions Division produces inks, varnishes, and printing aids for packaging, commercial, and newspaper printing. In addition, the associated subsidiary Gleitsmann Security Inks manufactures security inks. The Chemicals Division produces speciality chemicals such as resins, lamination adhesives, pigments, and additives in its facilities in India. hubergroup employs about 3,500 people in nearly 30 countries and generated an annual turnover of about €704 million in 2021.

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